Prof RB Walker

Prof Rod Walker

BPharm, PhD (Rhodes)

Head of research

Room no:  S13 Telephone: 0466038412 Email:


  • Novel, controlled and sustained release drug delivery
  • Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics
  • Dissolution
  • Biological medicines
  • Quality assurance and control


Professor Walker runs an active research group that focusses on formulation and process development and design. Projects are undertaken within the current regulatory context and include development and validation of analytical tools for quality control and assurance. All projects make use of the principles of Quality by Design and entail risk assessment, design of experiments and application of Response Surface Methodology and mathematical modelling. Specifically his current research focuses on the development, manufacture and assessment of solid oral extended release dosage forms, combination formulations, paediatric formulations, topical and transdermal drug delivery, regulatory sciences and policy development

Recent research projects

  • Niosome formulations for targeting the brain
  • Thermosetting vaginal gels
  • Floating technologies for treating Helicobacter pylori
  • Solid lipid nanoparticle and nanostructured lipid nano-carriers for delivery to the brain
  • Microencapsulation
  • Application of Quality by Design to formulation of pellets

Potential projects

  • Development of formulations for Devils Claw
  • Manufacture of co-crystallised anti-retroviral compounds for enhanced therapy
  • Combination dosage forms for the treatment of TB
  • Manufacture of SLN and NLC using high pressure homogenisation for targeted delivery
  • Characterisation of oils as pharmaceutical excipients

Selected Publications

  • C. Mwila, S.M.M. Khamanga and R.B. Walker. Development and assessment of a USP Apparatus 3 dissolution test method for sustained release nevirapine matrix tablets. Dissolution Technologies, 23(3), 22-30 (2016)
  • A. Mohammadi, M. Kazemipour, H. Ranjbar, R.B. Walker and M. Ansari. Amoxicillin removal from aqueous media using multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, 23, 165-169 (2015)
  • A.F.B. Fauzee, S.M.M. Khamanga and R.B. Walker. The impact of manufacturing variables on in vitro release of clobetasol 17-propionate from pilot scale cream formulations. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 40(12), 1683 – 1692 (2014)
  • AFB Fauzee and RB Walker. Stability-indicating RP-HPLC analysis of clobetasol 17-propionate in methanolic solution and cream formulations.  Journal of Separation Science, 36(5), 849-856 (2013)
  • K. Wa Kasongo, R.H. Müllerand R.B. Walker. The use of hot and cold high pressure homogenization to enhance the loading capacity and encapsulation efficiency of nanostructured lipid carriers for the hydrophilic antiretroviral drug, didanosine for potential administration to paediatric patients. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 17(3) 353-362 (2012)
  • L.D. King’Ori and R.B. Walker. The use of Response Surface Methodology to evaluate the impact of Level Two SUPAC-IR changes on the in vitro release of metronidazole and ranitidine from a fixed dose combination tablet. DissolutionTechnologies, 19(2), 28-36 (2012)
  • F.A. Chaibva and R.B. Walker. The use of response surface methodology for the formulation and optimization of salbutamol sulphate hydrophilic matrix sustained release tablets. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 17(5), 594-606 (2012)
  • K. WaKasongo, R. Shegokar, R.H. Muller and R.B. Walker. Formulation development and in vitro evaluation of didanosine-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers for the potential treatment of AIDS dementia complex. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 37(4) 396 – 407 (2011)
  • K. WaKasongo, J Pardieke, R.H. Müller and R.B. Walker. Selection and characterization of suitable lipid excipients for use in the manufacture of didanosine-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) and nanostrctured lipid carriers (NLC) for oral administration to paediatric patients. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 100(12) 5185-5196 (2011)
  • S.M.M. Khamanga and R.B. Walker. The use of experimental design in the development of an HPLC-ECD method for the analysis of captopril. Talanta 83(3) 1037 – 1049 (2011)
  • R. Sharma, R.B. Walker and K. Pathak. Evaluation of the kinetics and mechanism of drug release from econazole nitrate nanosponge loaded carbopol hydrogel. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research 45(1) 25 – 31 (2011)
  • S.M.M. Khamanga, N.R. Parfitt, T. Nyamuzhiwa, H. Haidula, R.B. Walker. The evaluation of Eudragit® microcapsules manufactured by solvent evaporation using USP Apparatus 1.Dissolution Technologies 16(2), 15-22 (2009)
  • E.J. Mills, W.A. Schabas, J. Volmink, R.B. Walker, N. Ford, E. Katabira, A. Anema, M. Joffres, P. Cahn and J. Montaner. Active health worker recruitment from Sub-Saharan Africa should be considered a crime against humanity. Lancet, 371, 685-688 (2008)
  • F.A. Chaibva and R.B. Walker. Development and validation of stability-indicating analytical method for the quantitation of oxytocin in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 43, 179-185 (2007)
  • R.K. Verbeeck, I. Kanfer and R.B. Walker. Generic Substitution: The use of medicinal products containing different salts and implications for safety and efficacy. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 28(1-2), 1-6 (2006)
  • R.B. Walker and E.W. Smith. Role of percutaneous penetration enhancers. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 18(3), 295-301 (1996)

Book chapters

S.M.M. Khamanga and R.B. Walker. Science and practice of microencapsulation technology, in Multiparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: Formulation, processing and manufacturing, A.R. Rajabi-Siahboomi (ed), Springer, 2016 (In press)
M. Almukainzi, N.A. Bou-Chacra, R.B. Walker and R. Löbenberg. Biorelevant Dissolution Testing, in Therapeutic Delivery Solutions, C. Chan, K. Chow, B. McKay and M. Fung (eds.), John Wiley and Sons., Inc., 2014, pp 335 -
R.B. Walker. Modified release delivery systems for oral use in Modified-Release Drug Delivery Technology, Second Edition, Volume 1, M. Rathbone, J. Hadgraft, M. Roberts and M. Lane (eds), Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 183, Informa Healthcare, May 2008, pp 131-141
F.A. Chaibva and R.B. Walker. Analytical methods for the quantitative determination of oxytocin in Handbook of Oxytocin Research: Synthesis, Storage and Release, Action and Drug Forms, H. Jastrow and D. Feuerbach (eds), Endocrinology Research and Clinical Developments, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2009 pp 35-58
R.B. Walker, R.K. Verbeeck and I.Kanfer. Pharmaceutical Alternatives: Considerations for generic substitution in Generic Drug Product Development, I. Kanfer and L. Shargel (eds), Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 180, Informa Healthcare, November 2007, pp 32-41

Other Publications

R.B. Walker. Editorial: Times are changing. Controlled Release Society Newsletter, 34 (1) March 2017
R.B. Walker. Editorial: Wanted: Innovative, Translatable Science. Controlled Release Society Newsletter, 33(1) March 2016
R.B. Walker. Editorial: Exciting Science in Edinburgh. Controlled Release Society Newsletter, 32(4) August 2015
R.B. Walker. Opinion Piece: What is the real need in low-income countries? Controlled Release Society Newsletter, 31(5) September 2014
A. Gray and R.B. Walker. Prescription medicine abuse, South African Pharmaceutical Journal, 78 (9), 56, October 2011
A. Attaran and R.B. Walker. Editorial: Shoppers Drug Mart or Poachers Drug Mart. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 178(3) 265-266 (2008)

Awards and grants

South Africa – India NRF Research Grant 2016 - 2018
Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award in 2000

Web presence

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Recent former students

Doctor of Philosophy

Ayeshah Fateemah Bebee Fauzee - Establishing a formulation design space for a generic clobetasol 17-propionate cream using the principles of Quality by Design (2014)
Ashmita Raminah - Development and assessment of ketoconazole intravaginal thermosetting hydrogel formulations (2017)

Master of Science (Pharmacy) in Pharmaceutics

Chiedza Cathrine Zindove - Development and assessment of sustained release stavudine loaded microparticles (2014)
Tendai Jonathon Chanakira - Development, manufacture and assessment of mometasone furoate loaded nanostructured lipid carriers (2014)
Pedzisai A Makoni - Formulation, development and assessment of efavirenz-loaded lipid nanocarriers (2014). Co-supervisor. Supervisor. Dr K Wa Kasongo
Samantha Yolanda Mukozhiwa Development and assessment of gastroretentive sustained release captopril tablets (2014). Co-supervisor. Supervisor Dr SMM Khamang
Tawanda Gay Dube - Formulation, development and assessment of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-loaded pellets (2015)
Henusha Devi Jhundoo - An investigation into the feasibility of incorporating ketoconazole into solid lipid microparticles (2015)
 Farai Arthur Mhaka - Development and manufacture of sustained release captopril pellets (2015)
Sonja Koekemoer - Gradient high performance liquid chromatographic method for the simultaneous analysis of efavirenz, emtricitabine and tenofovir (2016)
Hari Mani Krishna Veerubhotla - Development of captopril pellets using the principles of Quality by Design (2016)
Janeeta Ranchhod - Formulation, development and evaluation of lipid nanocarriers for minocycline hydrochloride (2017)
Anjana Makan - Development and assessment of gastric-retentive sustained release metronidazole microcapsules (2017)
Bwalya Angel Witika - The development, manufacture and characterization of niosomes intended to deliver nevirapine to the brain (2017)
Shakemore Tinashe Kangausaru - Formulation development, manufacture and evaluation of hydralazine hydrochloride microspheres (2017). Supervisor. Co-supervisor Dr S.M.M. Khamanga

Professional affiliations

Current Chairman of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa and Vice-President of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
Ministerial appointment to the South African Pharmacy Council, Chair of the Education Committee and member of the Executive Committee of Council
Registered with South African Pharmacy Council
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa
Member of the Controlled Release Society

Hobbies and interests

All sports, photography and reading





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