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Postgraduate degrees



The programme leading to the PharmD degree is normally of three years’ duration, taken full time in attendance at an approved clinical site.

Candidates shall not be admitted to the degree unless they have completed the approved research rotations in the three year PharmD programme undertaken subsequent to their registration as a pharmacist with the South African Pharmacy Council.

Candidates shall not be admitted to the courses for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy programme unless they have obtained an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy and are registered as a pharmacist with the South African Pharmacy Council. NB Because of limited facilities the Faculty reserves the right to limit the intake to the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.

14.1 Candidates will not be admitted to the degree of PharmD unless they have obtained credit in all the research rotations of the following curriculum.

14.2 Candidates who have obtained credits in research rotations deemed to be equivalent to those listed in the above curriculum may be granted credits in those rotations.

15.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of rule P.7 the courses for the PharmD degree are measured in terms of 30 credits per course and 120 credits per year.

15.2 Each credit is counted as equivalent to 10 notional hours.

16.1 Normally, candidates must successfully have completed two research rotations and have submitted a third one for examination prior to proceeding to a subsequent year of study.

16.2 Normally, candidates must submit the fourth research report by the end of March of the following year in order to continue in the second or third year of study.

16.3 The elective research project conducted in the final year of the PharmD programme may be undertaken in any of the research areas covered in the various rotations of the PharmD Curriculum.

16.4 Each rotation will be examined independently as partial fulfilment of the requirements for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.


See the entry under the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Degree, Faculty of Pharmacy, in the Academic Departments section of the Calendar.

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