Head of Pharmacy and Dean of Faculty

Dean of the Faculty and Head of Pharmacy

Deputy Dean of the Faculty and Deputy Head of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutics Division

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division

Pharmacy Practice Division

Pharmacology Division

  • Prof M Mothibe - Head of Division
  • Dr S Abboo - Instrument Scientist
  • Dr H Walsh
  • Ms L Allan
  • Ms T Dukhan
  • Dr N Sibiya
  • Dr Walsh

Pharm D Programme

Honorary Appointments
Professors & A/Professors Emeritus

Clinical Associates

  • GPG Boon
  • S Meintjies
  • AG Parish
  • EMR Race
  • G Serrano Ocana
  • JCO Sablon
  • M Bodenstein

Visiting Professors

  • MP Ducharme
  • RK Verbeeck
  • BD Glass

Visiting Fellow

  • PW Hill
  • P Smith
  • A Gray
  • C.Veale

Research Associates

  • BD Patterson
  • V Sewram

Support Staff


Technical Staff

  • Ms A Zuma
  • Mr S Ngxingo
  • Mr T Fleck
  • Mr L Hempe
  • Mr X Rasana

 Admin Staff

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