Prof R Tandlich

Dr R Tandlich



Associate Professor


Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2, Pharmaceutical Chemistry 4, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Research Interests

Microbial Water Quality, Public Health, Wastewater treatment, Lipophilicity of Drugs and Environmental Pollutants

Recent Publications

  1. Irwin, Y., Tandlich, R., Beukes, D. R. (2011). GC-TOF analysis of Pelargonium graveolens: Comparison between the volatiles found in the headspace, essential oil and solvent extract. Journal of Essential Oil Research (in press).
  2. Luyt, C. D., Muller, W. J., Tandlich, R. (2011). Factors influencing the results of microbial surface water testing in South Africa. International Journal of Medical Microbiology 301(S1): 28-29.
  3. Tandlich, R., Šmogrovi?ová, D., Frith, K.-A., Wilhelmi, B. S., Limson, J. (2011). Chemical, microbial and antioxidant properties of selected honey varieties from South Africa. Published in the peer-reviewed proceedings from the 6th Baltic Conference on Food Science and Technology, held in Jelgava, Latvia, from 5th until 6th May 2011, pp. 159-162.
  4. Luyt, C. D., Muller, W. J., Tandlich, R. (2011). Practical issues with bifidobacteria in faecal-source tracking in South Africa. Water Science and Technology (submitted on 15th September 2011).
  5. Luyt C. D., Muller, W. J., Wilhelmi, B. S., Tandlich, R. (2011). Health implications of flood disaster management in South Africa. Published in the peer-reviewed proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Emergency Management of Society to be held in Bucharest, Romania from 7th until 10thJune 2011.
  6. Luyt, C. D., Muller, W. J., Tandlich, R. (2011). Low-cost tools for microbial quality assessment of drinking water in South Africa. HealthMed (in press).
  7. Tandlich, R., Luyt, C. D., Gordon, A. K., Srinivas, C. S. (2011). Microbial water quality in rainwater storage tanks in the Makana Municipality, South Africa. Indian Journal of Public Health (submitted on 13th January 2011).
  8. Whittington-Jones, K., Tandlich, R., Zuma B. M., Hoossein, S., Villet, M. H. (2010). Performance of the pilot-scale mulch tower system in treatment of greywater from a low-cost housing development in the Buffalo City, South Africa. Published in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings from the 15th International Water Technology Conference, to be held in Alexandria, Egypt, from 28th till 30th May 2011.
  9. Tandlich, R., Zuma, B. M. (2011). Henry’s law constants and aqueous concentrations of benzene, toluene and o-xylene. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (accepted).
  10. Tandlich, R., Vrana, B., Payne, S., Dercová, K., Baláž, Š. (2011). Biodegradation mechanism of biphenyl by strain of Pseudomonas stutzeri. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A: Toxic/Hazardous Substance and Environmental Engineering 46(4): 1-8.
  11. Šmogrovi?ová, D., Tandlich, R., Nádaský, P., Wilhelmi, B. S., Cambray, G. (2010). Analytical and Aroma Profiles of Slovak and South African Meads. Czech Journal of Food Science (in press).
  12. Tandlich, R. and Baláž, Š. (2011). Different clay minerals and biphenyl sorption in soils. African Journal of Agricultural Research 6(10): 2321-2328.

Professional Affiliations

2011-present                     Member of The International Emergency Management Society
2011-present                     Member of International Water Technology Association
2010-present                     Member of the Parasitological Society of Southern Africa
2009-present                     Member of the South African Soil Science Society
2009-present                     Member of the Slovak Parasitological Society
and 2010-present            Member of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health

Hobbies and Interests

Music, watching movies, politics

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