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2019 Politics Teach-In: The Opposition in Crisis?

The Political and International Studies department invites you to our annual Teach-In that will run from 15 –18 July 2019, at 1pm each day in the Barratt 2 Lecture Theatre. Our theme this year is "The Opposition in Crisis?" The recent national elections have shown uneven growth in opposition parties, with the main opposition party declining in support while other smaller opposition parties have grown. The various speakers will help us understand what accounts for these different growth patterns and what this means for the momentum of the political party in power. Our aim is to provide a historical and contemporary understanding of opposition politics in democratic South Africa.

Rest in Peace, Professor Alexius Amtaika 02/08/1966 - 02/04/2019

Professor ‘Alex’ Amtaika was a prodigious scholar and thinker on democracy and liberty who lived his life in the pursuit of academic excellence and a commitment to social equity and civic responsibility.

Barry Gilder’s The List launched at Rhodes University

Barry Gilder’s latest book got the Rhodes University community and guests riled up during the first public dialogue for 2019 for the Department of Political & International Studies and Office of Equity & Institutional Culture series.

South African Association of Political Studies Conference

Gcotyelwa Jimlongo received the 'Best Honours Essay' and Ricky Koen received the'Best Undergraduate Essay' award at the South African Association of Political Studies (SAAPS) conference.