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Members of the department publish in a wide range of journals and other publications. Please see individual researchers’ pages for more information on our recent publications. Here are some highlights from the 2021 research report: 

  • Jordaan, E. (2021) African Rising Powers and Human Rights: Nigeria and South Africa on the UN Human Rights Council. In: Gok, G.O. and Mehmetcik, H. (eds.). The Crises of Legitimacy in Global Governance. London: Routledge Taylor and Francis. p.176-192. ISBN: 9780367652470.

  • Jordaan, E. (2021) Worthy of membership? Rwanda and South Africa on the United Nations Human Rights Council. African Human Rights Law Journal. 21 (2). p.907-937.
  • Magadla, S. (2021) The lives of women ex-combatants in post-apartheid South Africa. In: Ex-Combatant Voices: Transitioning from War to Peace in Northern Ireland, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. p.179-205. ISBN: 9783030615659.

  • Magadla, S. (2021) Theorizing African Women and Girls in Combat. In: Yacob-Haliso, O. and Falola, T. (eds.). The Palgrave Handbook of African Women's Studies. Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. p.561-577. ISBN: 9783319770307.

  • Magadla, S. (2021) Bridging through ‘women’s work’: African women and men chasing the rise of China. International Feminist Journal of
    Politics. 23 (2). p.243-262.
  • Magadla, S., Magoqwana, B. and Motsemme, N. (2021) Thirty years of Male Daughters, Female Husbands: revisiting Ifi Amadiume’s
    questions on gender, sex and political economy. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39 (4). p.517-533.
  • Magadla, S., Magoqwana, B., Motsemme, N. and Mohoto, L. (2021) Sex, gender and Uvalo/Letswalo centred spirituality: in conversation
    with Gogo Mapitsi Mohoto. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39 (4). p.634-643.
  • Majavu, M. (2021) Colour-blind ideologies: The whiteness of liberalism and socialism. In: Hunter, S. and van der Westhuizen, C. (eds.). Routledge Handbook of Critical Studies in Whiteness. London: Routledge Taylor and Francis. p.113-125. ISBN: 9780367403799.

  • Majavu, M. (2021) ‘Kantsaywhere’: Black African Women inside the Australian Racial Crucible . In: Luna, Z. (ed.). Black Feminist Sociology: Perspectives and Praxis. London: Routledge Taylor and Francis. p.173-181. ISBN: 9781032057538.

  • Matthews, S. (2021) Decolonising while white: confronting race in a South African classroom. Teaching in Higher Education. 26 (7/8). p.1113-1121.
  • Nyoka, B. (2021) Mafeje and Magubane: Two Concepts of the ’South African Revolution’. In Ndlovu-Gatsheni, S.J. and Ngcaweni, B. (eds). The Contested Idea of South Africa. London: Routledge. p.114-133. ISBN: 9780367353599.

  • Nyoka, B. (2021) On African-American Consciousness of Africa: Reading Bernard Magubane’s The Ties That Bind. In Zondi, S. (ed.), African Voices: In Search of a Decolonial Turn. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa, p.94-114. ISBN: 9780798305310.

  • Vincent, L. (2021) Puzzling Democracy. Pretoria: Van Schaik Publishers. ISBN: 9780627038174.


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The department regularly hosts seminars and other events to promote research. Please see our Seminars and Events page