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Members of the department publish in a wide range of journals and other publications. Please see individual researchers’ pages for more information on our recent publications. Some of the recent highlights include: 

  • John Onokwai (2020) Political economy of Nigeria–South Africa foreign direct investment relations and challenges of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria, 1999–2017, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 38:3, 331-347
  • Magadla S. (2020) Theorizing African Women and Girls in Combat. In: Yacob-Haliso O., Falola T. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of African Women's Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Available here.
  • Lock, Etienne. (2020). NIGERIA: UNDERSTANDING BOKO HARAM. Conflict Studies Quarterly. 72-86. 10.24193/csq.30.4. Available here.
  • Díaz Pabón, F. (2020). Right-wing populism and the mainstreaming of protests: The case of Colombia. Spanish Journal of Sociology / Revista Española De Sociología29(3 - Sup2), 169-177. Available here.
  • Chipaike R, Marufu E. Chinese Construction Companies and the Question of Labour Rights in Zimbabwe. Journal of Asian and African Studies. 2020;55(8):1163-1175. Available here.
  • Acharya, A. (2020). The Myth of the “Civilization State”: Rising Powers and the Cultural Challenge to World Order. Ethics & International Affairs, 34(2), 139-156. Available here
  • Sally Matthews (2020) Reviewing the South African Political Studies Curriculum: Evaluating Responses to Calls for Decolonisation, Politikon.Available here.
  • Amitav, A and Plesch,D (2020) The United Nations: Managing and Reshaping a Changing World Order, (20) 221-235. Available here
  • Acharya,A, Estevadeordal,A, Goodman,LW (2019) Reshaping Global Order in the 21st Century:G-Plus Leadership in a Multiplex World. Available here.
  • Magadla, S. and Cornell, N. (2019) The foreign policy legacies of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Maite Nkoana-Mashabane: Institutionalising Pan-Africanist visions and economic diplomacy. South African Foreign Policy Review: Foreign Policy, Change and the Zuma Years Vol.3. Pretoria: African Institute of South Africa.
  • Jordaan, E. (2019) South Africa and Civil and Political Rights on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Global Governance, 25(1):171-197. Available here.
  • Jordaan, E. (2019) Elephants in the Room: Botswana and the United Nations Universal Period Review. Nordic Journal of Human Rights, 37(1): 42-62. Available here.
  • Chiwandire, D. and Vincent, L. (2019) Funding mechanisms to foster inclusion in higher education institutions for students with disabilities: a critical appraisal. African Journal of Disability 8:1-12. Available here.
  • Chipaike, R. and Bischoff, P. (2018) A Challenge to Conventional Wisdom: Locating Agency in Angola’s and Ghana’s Economic Engagements with China. Journal of Asian and African Studies, Vol. 53(7) 1002–1017. Available here.
  • Matthews, S. (2018) Confronting the Colonial Library: Teaching Political Studies Amidst Calls for a Decolonised Curriculum, Politikon, 45:1, 48-65, DOI: 10.1080/02589346.2018.1418204. Available here
  • Grace Ese-osa Idahosa & Louise Vincent (2018) Strategic competence and agency: individuals overcoming barriers to change in South African higher education, Third World Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2018.1535273. Available here
  • Munyuki, C. and L. Vincent. 2018. Strangers "at Home": Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Students’ strategies for Resisting Heteronormativity in University Residence Life. South African Journal of Higher Education, 32(3):64-80. Available here
  • Matthews, S. (2017) Colonised minds? Post-development theory and the desirability of development in Africa, Third World Quarterly, 38(12): 2650-2663. Available here
  • Chiwandire, D and L. Vincent. 2017. ‘Wheelchair users, access and exclusion in South African higher education’. African Journal of Disability. 6(0), a353. Available here
  • Jordaan, E. 2017. The emerging middle power concept: Time to say goodbye? South African Journal of International Affairs, 24(3): 395-412. Available here.  
  • Magadla, S. 2016. Women combatants and the liberation movements in South Africa: Guerrilla girls, combative mothers and the in-betweeners. In Gender, Peace and Security in Africa, edited by R. Sigsworth and C. Hendricks. New York: Routledge.
  • Eun, Y.S., Acharya, A. and Thalang, C. (2021) Unpacking the dynamics of weak states? agency. The Pacific Review. 2021 (2021). p.1-17. Available here.

  • Frueh, J., Diehl, P.F., Xiaoting, L.I., Gokcek, G., Kalpakian, J., Vlcek, W., Bower, A., Espinoza, R.S., Carranco, S., De Matos-Ala, J., Behera, N.C. and Acharya, A. (2021) Forum on Pedagogy: The Introductory Course in International Relations: Regional Variations. International Studies Perspectives. 22 (2021). p.125-159. Available here

  • Diaz Pabon, F.A., Leibbrandt, M., Ranchhod, V. and Savage, M. (2021) Piketty comes to South Africa. British Journal of Sociology, The. 72 (1). p.106-124. Available here

  • Diaz Pabon, F.A. (2021) Right-wing populism and the mainstreaming of protests: The case of Colombia. Revista Espanola de Sociologia. 29 (3). p.169-177. Available here
  • Jordaan, E. (2021) Worthy of membership? Rwanda and South Africa on the United Nations Human Rights Council. African Human Rights Law Journal. 21 (2). p.907-937. Available here

  • Lock, E. (2021) The concept of 'Republic' in Francophone African states: origin and impact. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39. p.246-260. Available here
  • Lock, E. (2021) The intellectual dimension of the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC 1977) and its relevance today. Canadian Journal of African Studies. 56 (1). p.37-55. Available here

  • Magadla, S. (2021) Bridging through ‘women’s work’: African women and men chasing the rise of China. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 23 (2). p.243-262. Available here

  • Magadla, S., Magoqwana, B. and Motsemme, N. (2021) Thirty years of Male Daughters, Female Husbands: revisiting Ifi Amadiume’s questions on gender, sex and political economy. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39 (4). p.517-533. Available here

  • Magadla, S., Magoqwana, B., Motsemme, N. and Mohoto, L. (2021) Sex, gender and Uvalo/Letswalo centred spirituality: in conversation with Gogo Mapitsi Mohoto. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39 (4). p.634-643. Available here
  • Matthews, S. (2021) Decolonising while white: confronting race in a South African classroom. Teaching in Higher Education. 26 (7/8). p.1113-1121. Available here

  • Mulu, N.N.T. and Mbanza, K. (2021) COVID-19 and its Effects on the Lives and Livelihoods of Congolese Female Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the City of Cape Town. African Human Mobility Review (AHMR). 7 (1). p.1-23. Available here
  • Ximba, U.M.S. (2021) Beyond the rainbow: creative approaches as dialogue for LGBTQIA+ intimate partner violence. Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 39 (4). p.618-633. Available here

Other News


  • "On Thursday, 20 February 2020, students and academics of Rhodes University attended the Vice-Chancellor’s 2018 Teaching Award Lecture by Dr Siphokazi Magadla, titled “Tragicomic hope, nokuzinza as black matriarchal inheritance”. More on the story here