Dr Bongani Nyoka

Phone: +27 (046) 603 8665

Email: b.nyoka@ru.ac.za


BSocSc (Rhodes), BSocSc (Hons) (Rhodes), MA (UWC), PhD (UNISA)



Dr Bongani Nyoka is a Lecturer in the Department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes University. He holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of South Africa and an MA from the University of the Western Cape. A Rhodes University alumnus, he graduated from Rhodes in the 2000s with a BSocSc in Political Studies, Philosophy and Industrial Sociology and, subsequently, an honours in Political Studies. He has worked as a Researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council and the Archie Mafeje Research Institute, respectively. He was recently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Johannesburg. Dr Nyoka was a 2013 laureate of CODESRIA. He is the author of two books, Archie Mafeje: Voices of Liberation (HSRC Press, 2019) and The Social and Political Thought of Archie Mafeje (Wits University Press, 2020).


Research Interests

  • African Intellectual History  
  • African Sociology
  • Land and Agrarian Studies
  • Revolutionary Theory



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Nyoka, Bongani (2019) Archie Mafeje: Voices of Liberation. Cape Town: HSRC Press


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Chapters in Books

Nyoka, Bongani (2020) On African–American Consciousness of Africa: Reading Bernard Magubane’s The Ties That Bind, in Siphamandla Zondi (ed.) African Voices: In Search of a        Decolonial Turn, Pretoria: AISA Press, pp. 94–114

Other Writings

Nyoka, Bongani (2020) Higher Education and the Challenge to Young Black Academics, The Thabo Mbeki Foundation Newsletter, 2(June): 14-16

Nyoka, Bongani (2011) Election Fever in Yeoville-Bellevue, Yeovue News, 4(2)

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Nyoka, Bongani (2010) Where is the ANC’s Model of Equality? The Sunday Times: 22 August

Nyoka, Bongani (2009) Notes on the YSF Annual General Meeting, Yeovue News, 2(46)

Nyoka, Bongani (2009) Fighting Modern Day Slavery and Murder, Yeovue News, 2(43)

Nyoka, Bongani (2009) ‘Darkies Don’t Read’: A Response to Sihle Khumalo, Yeovue News, 2(39)

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