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Dr. Issaka Souare


Senior Research Associate 

Dr Issaka K. Souaré specializes on democratization, governance, peace and security issues, particularly in relation to Africa, with wide experiences in both policy and academic research and institutional policy-making and advice. From March 2013 to February 2016, he served as Special Advisor to the African Union High Representative for Mali and the Sahel, after a stint at the AU Commission in Addis Ababa as Expert on Early Warning and Preventive Diplomacy. He worked for some five years (2007-2012) at the Pretoria office of the Institute for Security Studies, during which period he taught a course on diplomacy and peacekeeping for a post-graduate diploma at Rhodes University in 2010 and 2011. Dr Souaré’s several publications include Opposition Political Parties in Africa: The quest for power (in French, Montreal, 2017), Africa in the United Nations System, 1945-2005 (London, 2006) and Civil Wars and Coups d’Etat in West Africa (Lanham, 2006).

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