Eduard Jordaan


Name: Eduard Jordaan
Phone: 046 603 7400
Fax: 046 603 7613


DPhil (Stellenbosch)

Further Details

The department is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Eduard Jordaan as Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy as from 1st January 2018.


Eduard Jordaan obtained his D.Phil. from the University of Stellenbosch. His dissertation used the ideas of the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas to show how political and moral philosophy contains elements that allow for indifference to the distant poor.


Eduard continues to do research on philosophical questions of responsibility, dialogue and community across national borders. In recent years, Eduard Jordaan has started doing research on the UN Human Rights Council. He is particularly interested in the future of human rights in the context of what others have described as the decline of the West and the ‘rise of the rest’. More specifically, are developing countries likely to support international human rights and, by implication, the liberal international order? 

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