International Studies

 “The course is designed to provide students with an in-depth critical overview of key developments in international relations in the post-Cold War era. We will examine the dynamics and legacy of US unipolarity and sources of supposed decline, prospects of emerging bi-polarity/multi-polarity in Europe and Asia, and emerging trends in south-south cooperation through Sino-African relations. Looking at the cases of South Africa and Brazil, we conclude by examining how the “post-American world” has also been signified by a competition over socio-economic and cultural spectacles such as sporting mega-events which are used by new actors to “signal” economic strength and “soft-power” in international relations. Students are thus challenged to join the debate about the end of the unipolar moment and think more critically about questions relating to global stability beyond American dominance. They are challenged to provide a deeper examination of the ways in which American power is/has declined. More importantly, a closer scrutiny of those countries and regions that are set to dominate the “post-American world”.

Lecturer:  Ms. S. Magadla

Period: Term 1

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