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Catherine is based at the University of the Witwatersrand at a research institute called “WISER”. Educated in South Africa and in the USA she has taught and several local and international universities. She is an historian and her teaching, research and publications focus on modern African history. medical and health history, the history and ethnography of reproduction and sex, ethics in medical research, and the history of gender in southern Africa. She has published, taught, and supervised research across all these themes. She has inaugurated a major “Project on Sex Histories” (POSH) in 2012. She has just finished a book on a major hospital in South Africa with 2 other historians, and is completing a new biography of a herbalist and midwife who lived and practised in South Africa from 1880 to 1940 titled A Little Women's Advice to the Public on the Cure of Various Diseases: the life and times of Louisa Mvemve.  Catherine has also been commissioned to write a book, tentatively titled The History of Sex in South Africa, for a special series in 2013. She has a deep interest in the ANC and its history and her original research thesis for her honours degree was a study of the ANC and SACP in the World War II era. She is interested in all “transitional” talk, in relation to both party and civic political history in the region.

Title of the lecture: "Digging Down into the Second Transition"

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