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Nationalisation premature

Date Released : 07/09/2010

Johannesburg - A strategic national plan for the mining sector needs to be developed before looking at nationalisation of mines, Joel Netshitenzhe, executive director of the Mapungubwe Institute of Strategic Reflection (Mistra) said on Tuesday.

The ANCYL’s inverted logic

Date Released : 26/06/2011

As the ANC Youth League delegates rose from their seats after their 24th congress, the slogan of “economic freedom in our lifetime” on their lips, the “lost generation” seemed to be returning the favour of generational stereotyping. We, the older lot in society, bemused by a misshapen movement taking root in spite of our apprehensions, had by some quirk of fate become the “bewildered generation”.

Stop quibbling, fix unemployment

Date Released : 23/04/2012

In a biting critique on contemporary India, Ranjani Iyer Mohanty draws from the epic fable of a blind King Dhritarashtra to argue that Indian authorities are ignoring problems and pretending they don’t exist.

Netshitenzhe warns of ‘sins of incumbency’ in ruling party

Date Released : 20/06/2012

ANC’s Joel Netshitenzhe says changing class structure raises risk of corruption, as resource-hungry black middle class takes on debt to support extended families.