Eusebius McKaiser

Eusebius McKaiser is a political analyst, broadcaster, lecturer and writer based in Johannesburg. His academic background is in moral philosophy, having studied and lectured in the philosophy department here at Rhodes University, before doing research in moral philosophy as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Since leaving the academy full-time, he has become a prominent political analyst and writer. His columns have appeared in New York Times, Guardian, BBC magazines, and all major South African papers. He currently carries a weekly column in The Star.

Eusebius' first book, a collection of essays, became a best-seller within days of its release last year, and he has sold over 10 000 copies in under a year. It is entitled 'A Bantu In My Bathroom'. His second book is forthcoming in a couple of months time. It is a polemical evaluation of the DA's chances at next year's elections. It is entitled 'Could I vote DA?'

As a broadcaster, Eusebius has previously presented Interface on SABC3 before hosts radio shows. He anchored Talk At Nine on Talk Radio 702 but has joined the new talk station that launched in June, Power FM, and now hosts 'Power Talk With Eusebius McKaiser' weekdays, mid-mornings.

In his spare time he travels, enjoy partying like he never left The Rat, and still coaches debating and critical thinking to corporate clients, and schools. He previously won the World Masters Debate Championship, and, as a Rhodes University student before that, the SA National Debate Championship.

The title of his lecture is: “Rape On Campus: An Incomplete Conversation“

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