Food Services



"We aim to be our customers' first choice when it comes to choosing good food and excellent service at favorable prices."


Food Services, as part of the Residential Operations Division, provides a support service which complements and enriches the students' educational experience, and in doing so strives to ensure an environment in which students can reach their full potential.

On a daily basis, Food Services provides convenient and flexible access to a variety of value-for-money, nutritious, tasty and well-balanced meals in an environment that is friendly, hospitable and hygienic.


OUR VALUES                                                                                         

• We are committed to delivering a cost-effective, quality product and service.
• We strive to be professional, wanting to be recognized as efficient and effective.
• We pride ourselves on being a disciplined staff that lead by example.
• We demonstrate the importance of staff involvement and commitment.
• We hold staff accountable for getting the job done.
• We are committed to the development of competent staff.
• We strive to make our environment a happy, productive one.
• We show respect and friendship to all our customers, colleagues, staff and suppliers.
• We are team - helpful, supportive and concerned with the welfare of others.
• We believe in open, honest and trusting relations with others.
• We believe in treating people fairly; discrimination or harassment is unacceptable.
• We actively recognize the contribution of each individual to our success.
• We understand that good communication is critical to our success.

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