Our mission is to:


  • Promote in-service teachers’ content knowledge, teaching and reasoning skills in mathematics that will enable them to be confident and competent in teaching the subject.  

  • Support the continuous professional development of mathematics teachers through a variety of programmes in order to address the crises in mathematics teaching and learning.

  • Produce graduates from rural and semi-rural backgrounds who are confident, resourceful and sufficiently skilled to guide and support other teachers of mathematics in a cluster of neighbouring schools. 

  • Network with all government and non-governmental organisations to assist and participate in the development of mathematics teaching and learning in the Eastern Cape.

  • Create a challenging and supportive learning environment through hands-on collaborative experiences that ensure professional growth of each individual. 

  • Continually raise funds to support and empower teachers of previously disadvantaged communities to attend and participate in a university-based specialised course to address the crisis in under-qualified mathematics teachers in rural schools in the Eastern Cape Province. 

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