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The Selmar Schonland Herbarium (GRA) dates to 1860, shortly after the founding of the Albany Museum in 1855, making it the second oldest in South African after the South African Museum herbarium (SAM) founded in 1825.  In 1993, the Rhodes University Herbarium (RUH; approximately 30000 specimens) was merged with the Albany Museum Herbarium (GRA; 200 000 specimens) and renamed to form the Selmar Schonland Herbarium (GRA), which has grown to about 250 000 specimens. The collection includes nearly 3000 types.  With 250 000 specimens, GRA is the 4th largest herbarium in South Africa and the 9th largest in Africa. After the Bolus Herbarium, it is the second-largest independent herbarium in South Africa, not managed by SANBI.

The herbarium is named in honour of the distinguished botanist Selmar Schonland, who did much to establish botany in South Africa at Rhodes University and the botanical collections of the Albany Museum in the late 19th century.

The herbarium is closely affiliated with the Department of Botany at Rhodes University.

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