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Cultures and Languages in Africa

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What is CLIA?

CLIA (Cultures and Languages in Africa) is an exciting new inter-disciplinary course offered by the School of Languages and Literatures at Rhodes University.  Staff from African Language Studies, Afrikaans/Netherlandic Studies, French Studies, German Studies and Classical Studies (Ancient Greek and Latin) will explore the relationships between societies, cultures, identities and languages in Africa.  They aim to empower you to think holistically and critically about a multicultural and multilingual world.  NB:  THIS IS NOT A LANGUAGE ACQUISITION COURSE! 

What courses are on offer?

There are two semesterised 1st-year level courses. 

CLIA 101 focuses on intercultural contact and multicultural contexts in Africa.

CLIA 102 studies the links between language, ideologies and identities in Africa.

When and where are these courses offered?

Lectures are on Tuesdays at 8h40, Wednesdays at 9h35 and Thursdays at 10h30 in School of Languages Room G03 (SolMa) lecture theatre. 100% attendance at lectures is required and a register will be taken.

Can I major in CLIA?

Not yet, but there are plans to offer CLIA as a 2-year major at a later stage.

Will there be tutorials in my CLIA course?

Yes, there will be a weekly tutorial every Friday at 11h25 in School of Languages Room G03 (SolMa)100% attendance at tutorials is required and a register will be taken.

What will my assignment load be?

You will have to submit ONE major assignment per semester and a written tutorial assignment every two weeks.  Marks awarded for these assignments will constitute your class mark which will count 40% of your final mark.

Where will I find information about the course?

The information you need will be posted on RUconnected.  Assignments must be submitted on-line using Turnitin.

The course coordinator for 2018 is Dr Claire Cordell.  Please don’t hesitate to contact her via e-mail (c.cordell@ru.ac.za).

CLIA 102 Class Record and Exam Structure


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