The House Warden

The present House Warden of Stanley Kidd House is Jonathan Hellemann. The duty of a Warden is ensuring the smooth running of the house. This includes making sure that the rules of the house are adhered to; and with the support of the sub-wardens and house comm ensuring that students feel comfortable and enjoy living within the res.

House wardening is a part time role for all wardens. Wardens usually have full time jobs during the business hours of the week. This is important to note as wardens are only available in the residence during the weekends and evenings. This is why the house is made up of a house-comm and sub-wardens, each with their own portfolio in managing the residence. Students are encouraged to come chat to the warden when they are in need of advice or guidance.

Contact Details:

Home Tel: 046 603 8037

Wardens of Stanley Kidd House:

2017-present   Jonathan Hellemann

2008-2017      Douglas Eastment

2005-2007      Kevin Rafferty

2002-2004      Jon James

1999-2001      Douglas Sanyahumbi

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