SRC Environmental Week - the launch of the Green Hat Revolution

Some of us might wear the hats of sister, student, book-club member and soccer enthusiast. Others might wear the hats of poet, brother and surfer. But there is one further hat that we should all be wearing, and all the time at that. The Green Hat. Regardless of who we are and what we do, we have a duty to ourselves, to others, and to the environment. That is the Green Hat. It should not be difficult for every student to find a Green Hat to fit them, either."

Environmental Week has been split into seven theme days this year - something for everyone!

Monday 12 March: The Environment and Food

12:00-14:00: Fry's veggie braai (Union)
12:00-14:00: Organic food cook-off (Eden Grove)
17:00-17:45: 'Homegrown Revolution' film screening (GLT)
19:00-20:00: Skype screening with Director of International ??? (GLT)

Tuesday 13 March: The Environment and the Law

13:10-14:10: Galela Amanzi and Legal Activism demonstration (Arts Minor)
18:00-19:00: Talk on environmental rights in a South African and global context (GLT)

Wednesday 14 March: The Environment and Faith

18:00-22:00: Interfaith service focusing on environmental responsibility (Botanical Gardens)

Thursday 15 March: The Environment and the Economy

10:30-11:00: Vermiculture workshop (ELRC - the Environmental Learning and Research Centre, opposite Eden Grove Student Bureau)
11:00-12:00: Waste economy workshop (ELRC)
13:10-14:10: Ecosocialism vs green capitalism debate (Arts Minor)
14:30-15:15: Energy economy workshop (ELRC)
18:00-19:30: Jonathan Deal Skype talk on fracking (GLT)

Friday 16 March: The Environment and Action

10:00-11:00: Skype session with international environmental youth groups (Economics B)
12:00-13:00: Talk by Muneer Tootla on waste removal NGO 'Tidy-it-up' (Botany Major) 
13:30-14:30: Permaculture theory workshop at St Augustine?s community garden (bus leaving from the Arch at 13:15)
14:30-15:30: Tree-planting and composting at St Augustine's community garden (bus leaving from the Arch at 14:15)
15:30-16:00: Q&A at St Augustine's
19:00-20:00: Anti-fracking demonstration (leaving from the Arch)
20:00-24:00: Battle of the bands

Saturday 17 March: The Environment and Art

14:00-16:00: Introductory lecture on how to get involved in environmentalism at Rhodes
14:00-17:00: Tree-wrapping exercise with local school children (meeting at Zoo Major)
19:00-21:00: Environmental open mike session (Grotto Mojito)

Sunday 18 March: The Environment and Sport

13:00-16:00: Concert in the Botanical Gardens
16:00-18:00: Green Fund Run (RU campus, starting at Lucas Ave entrance to the Botanical Gardens). More on the 2012 RU Green Fund Run.


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