Funding Needs


Capital Projects

The university has identified the improvement of its Library facilities as the highest institutional priority for capital works and has decided to extend and renew its Main Library. This need has grown ever more urgent due to the inadequacy of the current facilities, the planned growth in student numbers and the materials collection, new learning paradigms and fast-changing technology.

You can find out more about this project by reading the Architect Concept document.

Bursaries and Scholarships for Students

After over a decade of democracy in South Africa and despite the best efforts of government, the vast majority of South Africans still live in poverty and few will ever receive a university education.

Rhodes University is situated in one of the country’s poorest provinces – yet it has the highest undergraduate pass rate in South Africa. The University is fully committed to further increasing its intake of disadvantaged students.

To this end, Rhodes has created an entire support infrastructure from foundation courses through to peer mentoring to ensure that those students entering the University from these backgrounds are given the support needed to succeed at a tertiary level.

Additionally, Rhodes has always had a strong intake of Zimbabwean students with the current contingent numbering in excess of 800 – over 15% of the total student body. However, many of these students risk not being able to complete their studies due to prevailing conditions in their country. They too have been severely disadvantaged and are struggling to meet their financial commitments in order to remain at the University. The Rhodes University Trust UK has set up an endowment fund that will provide bursaries for disadvantaged students to study at Rhodes. In time the proceeds of the fund may be used to ensure continued educational excellence at Rhodes by supporting other worthwhile projects.

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