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Siyanda Centwa

A few years ago, Siyanda Centwa and his family were evicted from their mud hut and were not eligible for municipal housing. In the same year, Siyanda’s sister was raped and murdered. But instead of giving up, Siyanda joined the Mfuzo Boxing Club, found a temporary job using his language skills as an interpreter at the High Court – and doggedly pursued the opportunity to study at Rhodes.

With negligible income, paying for his degree became unlikely. Thanks to donor support he is now a BA Law student. The world is facing greater challenges than ever before – and it seems that there are increasingly three ways to ‘make it’. Be discovered on X-Factor, become a sports star (soccer is probably the most lucrative) – or get an education. Remarkably, in many places in the world, all three are equally unlikely!

In the words of Nelson Mandela ‘EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WHICH CAN CHANGE THE WORLD’. Supporting education in Africa is the most significant way of helping to bring about positive change.


Rhodes University was founded in 1904 and the 1904 Club is a fund made up of 1,904 ‘units’. Once fully subscribed this fund will enable 60 talented school leavers, for whom poverty would otherwise prevent a tertiary education, to enrol in any of the University’s six faculties.

To you, this means a contribution equivalent to two cappuccinos or a small glass of wine each month (around £60 per year ) and the assurance that your money will go directly to those who have a real thirst to play their part in achieving a positive and uplifting future.


1904 Club membership is open to all, whether you studied at Rhodes or not.


  • Each member commits to a minimum single unit of £5. per month.
  • Members may take as many £5 units as they like.
  • Membership will remain open until all 1,904 units are sold.


  • A warm welcome into the ‘family’ of Rhodes University in the UK.
  • Supporting students like Siyanda Centwa to achieve their dream of obtaining a Rhodes degree.
  • An annual 1904 Club report with updates on programmes and the progress of supported students.
  • Invitations to member-only events with interesting and dynamic speakers.
  • Preferential bookings to other Rhodes events in London.

To join the 1904 Club, complete the enclosed Standing Order form and return to:
Claire Collet
Rhodes University Trust (UK)
17 Leopold Walk
Cambridge CB24 8XS
Contact: cmc51@cam.ac.uk

The Trust can claim additional Gift Aid on contributions from UK taxpaying members and (by utilising Rhodes University’s resources) ensure minimal administrative costs and maximise the funds available for the support of deserving students. If your donation is eligible for Gift Aid, please complete the enclosed Gift Aid form and return it with the Standing Order form. Allowing more young South Africans to pursue a university education.


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