Jeffrey Hean

Jeffrey Hean

Zoology PhD
MSc University of Kwazulu-Natal


Thesis title

Reciprocal aquatic/terrestrial trophic subsidies through aquatic birds in a South African hydrological catchment.

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Richoux.
Co-supervisor: Prof Adrian Craig.


Hean JW & Ward D (2012) Fire and herbivory are not substitutable: Evidence from regrowth patterns and mobilization of total-non-structural carbohydrates of seedlings of 14 Acacia species. Journal of Vegetation Science, in press.

Hean JW & Ward D (2012) The effects of nutrient availability on growth patterns and mobilization of total non-structural carbohydrates in seedlings of three Acacia species. Functional Ecology, in press.

Hean J & Ward D (2011) Fire and herbivory are not susbstitutable: evidence from regrowth patterns and changes in physical and chemical defences in Acacia seedlings. Journal of Vegetation Science DOI:10.111/.1654-1103.2011.01330.x

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