Tapiwa Mushore

PhD Doctoral Candidate


Office: S11, 2nd Floor, New life Sciences Building 
Email: mushoretapiwa@gmail.com

BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Zimbabwe (2017)
MSc Entomology, Rhodes University (2021)

Thesis title: Management of the fruit piercing moth Serrodes partita in Citrus orchards

Supervisors: Dr. Candice coombes, Dr. Sean Moore and Prof Martin Hill

I have been with the Center for Biological control since 2019, working on the life history, ecology, and management of two crucial pests of Honeybush tea (an indigenous tea grown in South Africa), the keurboom moth (Leto venus) and blue-winged leafhoppers (Molopoterus spp.). Before that, after completing my undergraduate degree, I mentored farmers on the implementation of Good Agricultural practices (GAP). Currently, my research is focused on understanding the biology of Serrodes partita. My goal is to design or modify novel pest management strategies that have unique and competitive sustainability for citrus growers

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