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Community Engagement Programmes at the CBC:

Science Internship Programme

Young Academic Lecture Series

High School Programme (Mass rearing)


SciFest Africa

National Science Week


The Centre for Biological Control (CBC) is committed to demystifying the science behind the biological control of invasive weeds and makes a concerted effort towards putting both the knowledge and techniques into the hands of our local communities. The ultimate goal of our numerous community engagement activities is to instill a sense of responsibility for our ecosystems in the general public and to encourage environmental stewardship.

Through the various school programmes we are involved in, we try to grow a passion for science at a young age by creating awareness around the science of biological control. The extremely positive feedback we receive from numerous members of our community highlights the importance of engagement at the community level. The promotion and perpetuation of citizen science is only effective when local communities have access to support, advice, facilitation and communication from scientific advisors. We at the CBC aim to continue and improve and expand our community engagement activities going forward.



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