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RU BCRG releases a new biological control agent on a Pacific island

A biological control agent, eriophyid mite (Colomerus spathodea) was released to control the invasive, African tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata) on Rarotonga which is a small island that forms part of the Cook Islands on the Pacific.

An important release of a biological control agent on Pereskia in KZN

Pereskia (Pereskia aculeata) has been a noticeable problem at Sibudu in the Qwabe area in KwaZulu Natal over the years, although more recently it has gone out of control at the site.

Bugs launched to halt alien invaders

RESEARCHERS yesterday released several small Brazilian bugs into the wild, marking the start of a campaign to halt the spread of an alien invasive plant infesting large areas of South Africa's north-east coast.

Insect brought in to control cactus

A SMALL Brazilian insect has been released at a pilot Nahoon Valley site to destroy an infestation of a pesky cactus devastating indigenous plants and trees in the city's suburbs.