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Cory Library Readers Ticket

Date Released : 01/07/2019

We encourage all non-Rhodes University researchers to fill in our Reader's Ticket Application form, which can be found under CORY LIBRARY POLICIES on our webpage. Please send your application to the Head of Cory Library at cory@ru.ac.za for approval. Research materials will be issued Monday to Friday until 4:00pm and must be returned to the issue desk by the latest 4:30pm.

African Newspaper availability

Date Released : 10/05/2011

Second trial access to African Newspapers, 1800 - 1922 Representing the largest fully searchable collection of historical newspapers from around the globe, the World Newspaper Archive was created in partnership between Readex, a division of NewsBank, and the Center for Research Libraries African Newspapers, 1800-1922 includes such key publications as the Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser (Cape Town), Indian Opinion (Durban), Graham's Town Journal (Grahamstown), Imvo zabantsundu (King William’s Town), Umteteli wa Bantu (Johannesburg), Natal Witness (Pietermaritzburg) and many others. Rhodes faculty and students only can access the Rhodes University Library tr

Protean Paradox: George Edward Cory (1862-1935) negotiating life and South African history

Date Released : 26/10/2017

Protean Paradox: George Edward Cory (1862-1935) negotiating life and South African history / by Sandra Rowoldt Shell. Available from Cory Library R315.00 includes postage and packing or R249.00 price of book purchase in person in Cory Library.

Diary of Captain James Maurice Primrose

Date Released : 23/02/2016

Diary of Captain James Maurice Primrose: 43rd Regiment of foot / edited and annotated by Dr Caroline Jackson. Available from Cory Library @ R329.00 plus postage and packing.

The promise of Justice

Date Released : 25/05/2015

The promise of Justice /by John G.I. Clarke. Available from Cory Library @ R295.00 plus postage and packing.

We Can: Black Politics in Cradock, South Africa, 1948-1985

Date Released : 22/04/2014

We Can! Black Politics in Cradock, South Africa, 1948-1985 / Michael S. Tetelman. Rhodes University: Institute for Social and Economic Research & Cory Library. Eastern Cape Themes: no. 1. Available from Cory Library @ R228.00 plus postage and packing (soft cover); R395.00 plus postage and packing (hard cover).

Ibali lamaMfengu

Date Released : 19/02/2011

Ibali lamaMfengu and Kunganjani kusiyiwa eKapa? / Richard Tainton Kawa: with a new introduction by Vathiswa Nhanha and Jeff Peires. (Eastern Cape Reprints). Grahamstown: Rhodes University, Cory Library, 2011. Available from Cory Library @ R169.00 plus postage and packing. Please email us here. "Eli li Bali kuqala lezizwe ezintsundu, I Bali kwindawo yesibini laba Mbo, le mikw

A Contribution to South African Materia Medica

Date Released : 19/02/2011

A contribution to South African materia medica, chiefly from plants in use among the Natives / by Andrew Smith of St Cyrus, M.A.; with a new introduction by Tony Dold and Michelle Cocks. (Eastern Cape Reprints). Grahamstown: Rhodes University, Cory Library, 2011. Available from Cory Library @ R169.00 plus postage and packing.

Chris McGregor and the brotherhood of breath

Date Released : 22/04/2014

Chris McGregor and the brotherhood of breath: my life with a South African Jazz Pioneer / by Maxine McGregor. Available from Cory Library @295.00 plus postage and packing.

Gently stirs my soul

Date Released : 06/05/2015

Gently stirs my soul / by James Matthews. Available soon from Cory Library @ R100.00 plus postage and packing

Apartheid South Africa 1948-1980

Date Released : 16/03/2015

Apartheid South Africa 1948-1980 Apartheid South Africa makes available British government files from the Foreign, Colonial, Dominion and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices spanning the period 1948 to 1980.

Frederick I'Ons artist 1802-1887

Date Released : 22/01/2015

Frederick I'Ons artist 1802-1887/by Edna Bradlow and Tony Westby-Nunn. Available from Cory Library @ R295.00 plus postage and packaging.

The bones of the ancestors are shaking: xhosa oral poetry in context

Date Released : 30/10/2014

The bones of the ancestors are shaking: xhosa oral poetry in context / by Russell H. Kaschula. Available from Cory Library @ R100-00 plus postage and packing.

1895 Map of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

Date Released : 29/04/2011

When Eve Mazery of Howick asked to see MP 1815 in connection with her research into the missionary James Archbell, she was amazed to be confronted by a map 2.4 x 1.2 m in size! It took two Cory staff members, Louisa Verwey and Victor Gacula, to hold it up for her. The 1895 "Map of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and neighbouring territories" is signed by J. Templar Horne, Surveyor General. It contains details of Mission Stations, Military Posts, Post Offices, Schools and Trigonometr

History in the Making seminar, 4 June 2009

Date Released : 04/06/2009

Es’kia Mphahlele (1919-2008)

Date Released : 31/10/2008

Labyrinth of East London Lore

Date Released : 26/10/2009

Grahamstown buildings on Artefacts website

Date Released : 13/09/2010

New pages on the website

Date Released : 22/10/2010

New from the Internet Archive

Date Released : 26/01/2009

Arrowsmith's map of the Cape of Good Hope, 1842

Date Released : 01/07/2009

Frontier Country forts and signal stations

Date Released : 26/02/2009

Project Canterbury

Date Released : 28/09/2009

Friends of Cory Library

Date Released : 05/02/2011

Making Peace exhibition at Albany Museum

Date Released : 28/09/2009

Library Building Expansion Project

Date Released : 20/10/2008

Mass de-acidification system for the National Library of South Africa

Date Released : 04/12/2008

Maps for Timbuktu Exhibition

Date Released : 10/09/2008

Rootsweb: mailing lists for South African genealogical research

Date Released : 30/10/2009

New Books

Date Released : 03/10/2008

Talk on "A Literary guide to the Eastern Cape"

Date Released : 28/05/2009

World Cup opening hours

Date Released : 14/06/2010

Trial access to African Newspapers, 1800 - 1922

Date Released : 18/08/2010

New Books, July 2009

Date Released : 10/07/2009

Donkey-Drawn Mobile Cart Library Services for the Eastern Cape?

Date Released : 29/03/2009

Digitising at the Library of Parliament

Date Released : 04/09/2009

Glimpse into the Mythology of the Maluti Bushmen

Date Released : 23/01/2011

Black Sash Archival Collections in South Africa

Date Released : 18/09/2008

Cory Library commemoration

Date Released : 31/01/2011

Archive of 50 years of African football on FIFA.com

Date Released : 14/06/2010

Books about China

Date Released : 13/02/2009

Book launch: Isaac Williams Wauchope

Date Released : 20/11/2008

The Blue Shield

Date Released : 06/05/2009

The Archival Platform

Date Released : 27/08/2009

Heritage Month: historical tours of Grahamstown

Date Released : 22/09/2009

'The Unlikely Secret Agent' by Ronnie Kasrils

Date Released : 31/08/2010

Archives Yearbook for South African History

Date Released : 19/06/2009

Icon Site Guide

Date Released : 01/10/2010

Phoenix Roller Mill leaves Grahamstown

Date Released : 15/07/2010

Report on skills in archives and library sector

Date Released : 18/04/2010

Guide to the catalogues

Date Released : 04/08/2009

National Archives Week, 18-22 May, Cape Town

Date Released : 21/05/2009

Cory Library brochure

Date Released : 17/04/2009

Maps of Africa to 1900

Date Released : 19/01/2010

Sunday Times Heritage Project

Date Released : 05/01/2011

Cory Staff celebrate the 2010 World Cup

Date Released : 15/06/2010

Album of Grahamstown, 1898

Date Released : 10/12/2010

Paper Conservation Workshop

Date Released : 18/04/2010

Launch of Lovedale Alumni Office

Date Released : 26/11/2009

Cory Library becomes a non-circulating library

Date Released : 13/12/2010

Cory Library is really cool

Date Released : 29/03/2009

New Books, August 2009

Date Released : 21/08/2009

Military History Interest Group

Date Released : 30/03/2009

SAHS: dynamic and going digital

Date Released : 03/07/2009

New books, May 2009

Date Released : 05/05/2009

April 2009 RUL Newsletter now out

Date Released : 14/04/2009