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Welcome to Hobson House

Hobson House is one of four all-female Residences which forms a part of in Hobson Hall. The Residence provides a "home away from home" to over seventy students from an different countries. Hobson House is rich in diversity and we pride ourselves while cultivating the spirit of togetherness.

Hobson House is centrally situated on campus; within a short walking distance of the Library, most lecture venues, the Steve Biko Building. We are neighbours with the Campus Protection Unit and the Health Care Centre.  Hobson House has 74 single rooms and 1 double room, 2 common rooms with DSTV, table tennis, 2 kitchenettes equipped with a fridge and microwave, and a laundry. 

We pride ourselves in our sport. Opportunities to become involved in community engagement activities such as assisting at local NGO’s, collections for specific causes and so forth.  We place much emphasis on creating a learning environment where our students can excel academically, this includes a mentorship system for all first years.  Hobson has a number of social events and traditions during the year which students an opportunity to socialize and have fun in a safe environment such as our annual Easter Egg Hunt, Mocktail evenings and Karaoke competitions. 

The Warden, Ms Fortunate Gunzo, works closely with her team of Sub-Wardens and House Committee Members to ensure that Hobson House is a “home away from home”.  Fortunate lives in Hobson House which makes it easy for students to "pop" in and out when they need her. 


WARDEN: Ms Fortunate Gunzo 

046 603 8026 (H); 072 525 8559 (C); f.gunzo@ru.ac.za 

Sub-Warden Baitsheki Moteane
Sub-Warden Amogelang Matjila
Sub-Warden Ameera Wadiwala 

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