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Livingstone House

Livingsone House is one of the four Undergraduate Residences that makes up Hobson Hall. Livingstone House comprises of both an undergraduate residence and a postgraduate residence. There are thirty six undergraduate students residing in Livingstone House. Participation and house spirit are valued in Livingstone.  The traditional Women’s Day Challenge held annually by Hobson Hall, for example, always provides the perfect opportunity for the smallest house in the Hall to show that spirit and determination can, indeed go a long way. There is also a strong emphasis on student leadership.

Livingstone is also home to eighteen postgraduate students; housed in different units and annexes in Gilbert Street. Please read the following welcome statement containing all the neccessary detail for your stay at Gilbert Posgraduate residence

Gilbert Street 6, a double storey stand-alone house is home to three students. This spacious house is ideal for mature postgraduate students looking for quiet accommodation. 

Gilbert Street 5 is home to five students and is located across the street from Gilbert 6. Surrounded by a small and charming garden, the house is also spacious and quiet. Much like Gilbert 6, this is an ideal environment for postgraduate students looking for the convenience of residence life in a more intimate setting. Students share two bathrooms, a kitchen and lounge area.

Also the Postgraduate units, comprises of eight individuals each with an ensuite bathroom and study space. The Units offer private and convenient accommodation while allowing access to Gilbert Street 5 above for shared facilities such as laundry and microwave facilities.

For directions to Livingstone House please find the Rhodes University campus map on the following linkes:

WARDEN: Ms Zuki Kota

046 603 8583 (H); 046 603 8826 (W); 072 648 3398 (C);  z.kota@ru.ac.za;
Sub-Warden Amanda Assorr g15A1070@campus.ru.ac.za;
Sub-Warden Munyaradzi Denhere g14D0827@campus.ru.ac.za;
Head Student Temnotfo Mabuza g16M0426@campus.ru.ac.za;
Entertainment / Food Rep Hannah Fuller g16F2910@campus.ru.ac.za;
Academic / Wellness Rep Dzanga Matibe g16M0579@campus.ru.ac.za;
Comm. Engag. Rep Lebogang Matshaba g15m8039@campus.ru.ac.za; 
Environmental Rep Muchule Mpuku g16M6269@campus.ru.ac.za;
Secretary / Student Network Rep Daisy Nyamangirazi     g16N0115@campus.ru.ac.za;
Sports Rep Anelisa Somdaka g15S8238@campus.ru.ac.za;

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