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Research Support for current & new HoDs

Recognising that the managerial and administrative responsibilities associated with being a Head of Department are significant and that for some Heads of Departments, this may negatively impact the research output of that individual, Rhodes does provide financial support to facilitate the HoD to employ someone to assist with research, teaching or even some administrative duties.

Maintaining a research profile is clearly of benefit to the individual. Equally important is maintaining the research output at institutional level as this is vital to the reputation of the University, the attraction of post-graduate students as well as the financial sustainability of the institution.

As from 1 January 2013, this dispensation is also extended to Deputy HoDs.

A call is made once a year for applications from HoDs and Deputy HoDs who are seeking such support. The protocol below governs this process.

Protocol to govern the allocation of research support

Appointment against HOD Research Support funds

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