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Childhood and Culture project

Date Released: Wed, 28 June 2017 08:48 +0200

Connecting Culture and Childhood is a SSHRC PDG (Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Development Grant) project that leverages a cross-cultural partnership between archives, academic institutions, researchers, and communities, to investigate the implications of repatriation for children and young people. The project cultivates a partnership between diverse archives (ILAM, MAKWAA, MMaP, folkwaysAlive!), academic institutions (Memorial University, Makerere University, Rhodes University, University of Alberta, University of Melbourne, York University) and communities and cultures across three continents (Africa, Australia, North America). The partnership catalyzes the work of leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of ethnomusicology, musicology, music and indigenous studies. The research team is comprised of indigenous and non-indigenous scholars, as well as experienced scholars in the field, emerging researchers, community and youth leaders, and student research assistants. The partnership between partner organizations and co-applicants, collaborators, youth, students, and community elders/researchers at each site (Australia, Canada, South Africa, Uganda, USA) fosters a common mandate of engaging in socially responsible research for developing and mobilizing knowledge for community benefit.