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Writer Mtuze honoured

"READ and read and do more reading," renowned Xhosa writer Peter Tshobisa Mtuze said on Monday, when he was honoured by the Eastern Cape government for his lifetime’s work.

Professors aren’t born: they must be nurtured

There is a growing call globally for universities to develop and nurture more black professors. In South Africa, the issue is sharpened by the country’s racist legacy.

Alumnus’s anthology rescues ‘tattered’ isiXhosa language

Graduate of the Rhodes University Masters in Creative Arts course Mangaliso Buzani recently unveiled his anthology of poems titled Ndisabhala Imibongo (I still write poetry) at Eastern Star Museum.

Bugged by insects' many names

Insects have different names not only in each of our 11 official languages, but within each of those languages depending on geographical location.

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