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About Multilingualism

The Rhodes University Multilingualism Website is dedicated to the promotion of multilingualism on the campus more broadly.

More specifically:

  • The Rhodes University Multilingualism Website(RUMW) was conceived by the Rhodes University Language Committee in 2015.
  • RUMW is an online publication aimed at raising multilingual awareness.

  • RUMW aims to promote the use of and development of all official languages, emphasising the use and development of the provincial languages, namely isiXhosa, Afrikaans and English, as stated in the Rhodes University Language Policy.

  • In accordance with the objectives of the Rhodes University Language Policy the purpose of the RUMW is to celebrate the multilingual contribution made by all Rhodes University registered students and staff (academic and support).

  • The RUMW will in effect act as a means to publicise all contributions within the Rhodes University community and beyond.

The submissions policy is available here, please click


The language committe, is tasked with the oversight of multilingualism on the Rhodes Campus.

The drafting of the Rhodes University Language Policy and review thereof.

The organising of the Annual Multilingualism Colloquium.

Other related multilingual events/seminars/ presentations.

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