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Cherron  Duiker
Tel: (046) 603 8351
Fax: (046) 603 7326
E-mail: C.Duiker(at)ru.ac.za

Marius D. Vermaak, BA (Hons) (Stell) DrsPhil (Leyden)
Associate Professor and Head of Department
Director of Confucius Institute at Rhodes University 
Research Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Hume, Informal Logic, Moral Psychology
Email: M.Vermaak(at)ru.ac.za

Richard Flockemann, BA (Hons) MA (Rhodes), PhD (York)

Lecturer (2013-16)
Research Interests: Epistemology & Philosophy of Mind
Email: R.Flockemann(at)ru.ac.za

Ward E. Jones, BA (U. of California, Berkeley) B. Phil, D. Phil (Oxford)
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Epistemology, Moral Psychology, Aesthetics of Narratives, Metaphilosophy, Descartes
Email: W.Jones(at)ru.ac.za
Personal Website 
Francis X. Williamson BA (RAU) MA (Cape Town)
Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion,
Philosophical (Natural) Theology, Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
Email: F.Williamson(at)ru.ac.za


Uchenna Okeja (PhD)
Senior Lecturer
Research Interest: Critical Theory
Email: u.okeja(at)ru.ac.za

Larry Bloom (PhD)
Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Kant
Email: laurencejbloom(at)gmail.com

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