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CHERTL at the forefront of professional development in Higher Education

Date Released : 30/08/2019

Friday, 16 August 2019 marked the last of CHERTL’s Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDip (HE)) block contact sessions of the course for this year.

CHERTL courses for Rhodes academics

Date Released : 30/08/2019

This week a number of Rhodes academics have been attending two courses offered by CHERTL staff.

CHERTL Conversation Zooms In On Lecture Attendance at Rhodes

Date Released : 29/07/2019

Following campus-wide concerns over poor lecture attendance in various academic disciplines, CHERTL initiated a ‘conversation’ on Tuesday 6 August using the question ‘Why DO students attend lectures?’

Rhodes University Education Faculty hosts a ‘Doc Week’

Date Released : 29/07/2019

The Rhodes Faculty of Education has this week (22 -26 July) hosted its second ‘Doctoral Week’ for 2019 at the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC). Read more...

Experts trouble curriculum change in panel discussion

Date Released : 29/07/2019

As part of the Education Faculty’s Doc Week, on Wednesday evening, CHERTL hosted a campus-wide panel discussion on “Troubling Curriculum Change”. Read more...

Engaging with tutor development: CHERTL launches pilot short course

Date Released : 07/12/2018

2018 saw the launch of an innovative tutor development short course by the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) at Rhodes University. A group of 20 tutors from third year to Masters Level from the faculties of Humanities, Science and Law participated...

Engaged in Tutor Development

Date Released : 21/06/2019

CHERTL's 2019 tutor development course, Engage, has doubled the number of places on offer for RU tutors. Funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training South Africa, the course currently has 30 registered students spanning the faculties of Humanities, Commerce and Science.

Rhodes University represents at LCT3 – A Conference of Community, Collegiality and Creativity!

Date Released : 19/07/2019

The third International Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) conference, hosted by Wits University in July, was a huge success. The biennial conference boasted 160 delegates from 48 universities from across the world, showcasing 98 papers using LCT as the primary theoretical framework from across the disciplines.

Using technology to innovate teaching and learning

Date Released : 26/10/2018

The Teaching with Technology Showcase on 22 October 2018 saw a group of academics come together to present and share new and exciting technological innovations that they have implemented in their teaching.

When east meets west: Rhodes University lecturers join Western Cape Universities teaching and learning colloquium

Date Released : 18/04/2018

The New Academics Programme (nGAP) lecturers recently participated (5 April 2018) in the New Academics’ Transitions into Higher Education Regional Colloquium hosted by the Western Cape Universities (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University, University of the Western Cape) at UCT.

2018 CHERTL graduation

Date Released : 09/04/2018

At the Rhodes graduation ceremony at 9.30 on Thursday 5 April 2018 CHERTL staff were proud to witness thirty-two Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDip (HE)) students and three PhD students crossing the stage.

Visit by Professor Karl Maton

Date Released : 13/03/2018

Professor Karl Maton’s visit was greatly anticipated by the many academics and PhD scholars drawing on Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) for their research.

Launch of 'Going to University'

Date Released : 13/03/2018

The launch of the book, Going to University- The Influence of Higher Education on the Lives of Young South Africans, took place at Rhodes University on 5th March 2018.

Rhodes lecturers honoured for receiving Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished and Senior Distinguished Teaching Awards

Date Released : 08/03/2018

The Rhodes University community along with various guests gathered recently at the Blue Lecture Theatre in Eden Grove to celebrate Prof Catherine Foxcroft and Dr Jennifer Williams for having received the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2015.

Academic Orientation Programme 2018

Date Released : 02/02/2018

The first part of the annual Academic Orientation Programme (AOP) for academics new to Rhodes took place last week. The AOP is an important event as it is an opportunity to welcome lecturers new to Rhodes.

nGAP: Building the next generation of African scholars

Date Released : 31/01/2018

The Next Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) simply deals with the need for universities to ensure that a future generation of academics is developed to serve higher education into the future.

Insights and discussions on being an academic at Rhodes

Date Released : 19/01/2018

The Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) at Rhodes University is hosting the initial phase of the 2018 Academic Orientation programme from Monday, 22 to 26 January & 30 January to 01 February.

Third Academic Literacies Symposium, a Great Success

Date Released : 30/05/2017

Sharing and analysing the impact of academic literacies research and practice on student success was one of the major aims of the third annual two-day Academic Literacies Symposium which took place at the Coastlands Ridge Hotel last week (25 to 26 May 2017).

Graduation 2017: a new record for CHERTL

Date Released : 15/05/2017

A record number of thirty-seven Postgraduate Diplomas in Higher Education were awarded at the Rhodes graduation ceremony at 2.30 am on Friday 21 April. In addition, two CHERTL students were awarded masters and four were awarded PhDs in Higher Education Studies.

An enriched pedagogy

Date Released : 09/12/2013

I am one of the teachers in the School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) at Rhodes University who teaches Writing and Editing (W&E).

Answering the call for a new social contract

Date Released : 09/12/2013

The potential for universities to play an increasing role in their communities and broader social contexts continues to receive widespread attention.

Life beyond the University: the role of service learning in the preparation of journalists

Date Released : 10/12/2013

The School of Journalism and Media Studies (JMS) at Rhodes University has built its teaching project around the way we (lecturers) envisage the graduates that we would like our students to become.

Professors aren’t born: they must be nurtured

Date Released : 29/06/2015

There is a growing call globally for universities to develop and nurture more black professors. In South Africa, the issue is sharpened by the country’s racist legacy.

Rethinking/Challenging Assessment

Date Released : 07/02/2017

The recent disruptions in the HE context have affected all aspects of academia and forced us to think differently about many things, in particular teaching, assessment and learning.

PANEL - CHE book 'South African Higher Education Reviewed: Two Decades of Democracy'

Date Released : 17/10/2016

The CHE book 'South African Higher Education Reviewed: Two Decades of Democracy' was recently published and offers a detailed look at a range of core issues in the university sector, put together by multiple authors. The book was a collaborative publication and this idea of varied perspectives was echoed in the panel discussion held at Rhodes University on Wednesday 12 October 2016. Seven PhD scholars each presented the highlights and key issues raised by the chapters of the book. The presentation was attended by doctoral scholars and supervisors and was concluded with an open discussion following a series of provocative questions posed by the panel themselves.

Trading Live: Appreciating Assessment

Date Released : 28/07/2016

On the afternoon of Tuesday 26th July, teachers and principals from a range of different secondary schools, gathered together in Ntsika Secondary school for what was promised to be a ‘fun-filled’ workshop on assessment! The aim of the workshop was to share and build on the good work teachers are already doing and to increase the value of that work through inspiring and developing future practice.

CATALysing Transformation through Dialogue

Date Released : 27/05/2016

'Transformation goes beyond change. It is about a fundamental mind shift, a radical rupture of thinking, an ongoing process of inquiry, disrupting and questioning deeply our ways of doing and thinking; appreciating, understanding and seeing the world [process].

How academics can change the world

Date Released : 09/03/2016

Very few academics do a great deal to share their often important and relevant research with the general public. What's holding them back?

Impressive Graduation for CHERTL

Date Released : 04/04/2016

A record number of thirty-one lecturers graduated as higher education teachers with a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education at the Rhodes graduation ceremony at 10am on Friday 1 April. In addition, three CHERTL students were awarded PhDs.

Academics can change the world

Date Released : 29/03/2016

Research and creative thinking can change the world. This means that academics have enormous power. But, as academics Asit Biswas and Julian Kirchherr have warned, the overwhelming majority are not shaping today’s public debates.

New intake for Post-graduate Diploma in Higher Education drawing from South African HEIs

Date Released : 08/02/2016

Last week (1-5 February) saw the new national group for the PGDip HE offered by CHERTL arrive on campus. Academics from as far away as the University of Mpumalanga, Walter Sisulu University, Central University of Technology and Mangosuthu University of Technology...

Academic Orientation Programme 2016

Date Released : 04/02/2016

The initial phase of the Academic Orientation Programme (AOP) took place in the last week of January. Hosted by the Centre for Higher Education, Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL), the AOP is regarded as an essential experience, facilitating

CHERTL Writing Retreat - January 2016

Date Released : 19/01/2016

2016 started for some with an early writing retreat offered by CHERTL. Funded once again by the Teacher Development Grant, this took place from the 13th – 15th January. The retreat was set in Hogsback, in the wonderfully accommodating Edge Mountain Retreat.

Dialogue: Transformation Struggles at South African Universities

Date Released : 02/12/2015

Dr Amanda Hlengwa took part in a Transformation Struggles in South African Universities dialogue organised by the Centre for Conflict Resolution. Please click read more to access the audio recordings.

How academic staff development can contribute to changing universities

Date Released : 30/11/2015

It seems almost certain that South Africa’s universities cannot return to “business as usual” after the student protests that marked 2015. Some have asked what academics will learn from the protests and how they will - or won’t - alter their practice in classrooms.

Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching awards 2015

Date Released : 25/11/2015

At Senate on Friday 20th November, the winners of the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Awards were announced as follows: Senior Distinguished Teaching Award -Professor Catherine Foxcroft, Department of Music & Musicology Distinguished Teaching Award (shared for 2015) -Dr Jennifer Williams, Department of Physics and Electronics -Ms Tanya Poole, Department of Fine Art

Teaching and Learning Showcase 2015: Scholarly teaching and learning in the context of transforming Higher Education

Date Released : 11/11/2015

Rhodes University Vice Chancellor Dr Sizwe Mabizela opened a showcase with the theme ‘Scholarly teaching and learning in the context of transforming higher education’ hosted by CHERTL on the 3rd of November 2015.

CHERTL Writing Retreat Report: October 2015

Date Released : 04/11/2015

The second writing retreat offered by CHERTL in 2015 and funded once again by the Teacher Development Grant took place from the 26th – 28th October.

Curriculum Conversation 7

Date Released : 12/10/2015

For the seventh Curriculum Conversation Pedro Tabensky and Viroshan Naicker spoke about what and how they teach in ways that disrupt regular ways of teaching and learning.

Curriculum Conversation 6

Date Released : 21/09/2015

During a thought-provoking session Dr Vashna Jagarnath, from the Department of History, challenged the audience to reflect on alternative perspectives to the curriculum. While acknowledging that different understandings and approaches inform...

The varsity ranking system is broken

Date Released : 16/09/2015

It is scientifically unsound and forces institutions to act in ways that go against their best interests.

Curriculum Conversation 5

Date Released : 21/08/2015

Drs Pamela Maseko and Dion Nkomo and Ms Bulelwa Nosilela offered their perspectives on African languages and curriculum transformation at Rhodes University. As relatively new fields of study, African languages have had an interesting and complex historical trajectory.

Curriculum Conversation 4

Date Released : 31/07/2015

Professor Tally Palmer from the Institute for Water Research and Dr Nomalanga Mkhize from the History Department shared their views on curriculum transformation during the fourth Curriculum Conversation on 27 July 2015.

Policing plagiarism could make universities miss the real problems

Date Released : 31/07/2015

Plagiarism regularly makes the headlines and universities are under pressure to tackle the problem decisively.

Legitimation Code Theory Colloquium

Date Released : 23/06/2015

The Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning at Rhodes University teamed up with Fundani Centre at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and CHED at University of Cape Town to run the first Legitimation Code Theory Colloquium at the waterfront in Cape Town from 17 to 19 June 2015.

Professors aren’t born: they must be nurtured

Date Released : 29/06/2015

There is a growing call globally for universities to develop and nurture more black professors. In South Africa, the issue is sharpened by the country’s racist legacy.

Universities face dire staffing crisis

Date Released : 15/06/2015

BY 2020 South Africa's 23 universities will be short of approximately 7 000 academics, 50% being professors who are due for retirement.

How to turn lecturers into good university teachers

Date Released : 12/06/2015

Traditionally, it has been assumed that, once an academic holds a Master’s degree or PhD in their discipline, they can share their knowledge and teach students effectively. Most, though, don’t have a teaching qualification, nor have they been offered any opportunities to develop as

Universities can’t just wash their hands of student failure

Date Released : 11/06/2015

It should come as no surprise that many students do not feel valued in institutional spaces. There has been a great deal of research in the past two decades about discrimination and institutional culture at South African universities.

Curriculum Conversation 3

Date Released : 10/06/2015

Thina Maqubela from the Department of Statistics and Corinne Knowles from the Humanities Extended Studies Programme introduced very different aspects of curriculum transformation at the third in the series of Curriculum Conversations held on 8 June 2015. Both used their own biographies as the starting point for thinking about transformative curriculum and pedagogy.

South African students must be given the chance to read what they like

Date Released : 05/06/2015

University curricula in South Africa are still largely European or American in origin and focus. In some spaces, though, academics are starting to shift the terrain by introducing an African-centred curriculum.

Colloquium on Science Teaching in Higher Education

Date Released : 05/06/2015

On Thursday 4 July, CHERTL, in collaboration with the Science Faculty hosted a Colloquium on Science Teaching in Higher Education. The purpose of the colloquium was to facilitate discussion on ideas and strategies for

CHERTL hosts second writing retreat for academic staff

Date Released : 05/06/2015

Using Teaching Development Grant (TDG) funding from the Department of Higher Education and Training, CHERTL recently arranged a writing retreat for academic staff. A group of nine academics were given the opportunity, in the wonderful tranquil setting of The Edge at Hogsback, to work on writing about teaching and learning in their contexts.

Black academics on the rise

Date Released : 01/06/2015

By 2020, South Africa’s 23 universities will be short of about 7 000 academics, 50% being professors who are due for retirement.

Curriculum Conversation 2

Date Released : 29/05/2015

Dee Mohoto (Drama) and Susi Vetter (Botany) introduced Curriculum Conversation 2 on 25 May. Dee reflected on her recent experience of co-creating a theatre production with students and a colleague, Mwenya Kabwe, teaching at Wits University...Susi Vetter talked about how participating in the Curriculum Transformation Conference has led her to question the nature of the curriculum and the student experience in Botany.

PGDip (HE) for AD at Rhodes this week

Date Released : 28/05/2015

Twenty-three academic developers from eleven higher education institutions are at Rhodes this week attending a block teaching session of the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education for academic developers offered by CHERTL. Over the last decade or so CHERTL staff members at Rhodes have developed considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of academic development and particularly academic staff development. A way of sharing this experience is to offer a course for academic developers that will enable them to offer appropriate staff development opportunities for academic staff in their institutions. The Diploma is the first formal qualification internationally for inducting people into the field of academic development.

Demystifying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Date Released : 18/05/2015

"I thought I was just a linguist and then found I was a teacher - Not to research my teaching is like firing on two cylinders" [participant comment made in SoTL workshop, May 2015] A small group of academics from across the university came together to deliberate understandings of, and approaches to, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), in a session facilitated by Dr Mel Skead of CHERTL. Current insights and experience were drawn on in grappling with the idea of scholarship and how it relates to teaching and learning.

CHERTL initiates Curriculum Conversations Series

Date Released : 13/05/2015

Kirstin Krauss (Information Systems) and Natalie Donaldson (Psychology) were the first contributors to the series of Curriculum Conversations being coordinated by CHERTL. These sessions were developed in response to the recent conference held at Rhodes University focusing on transformation of the curriculum. The purpose of the Conversation Series is to create opportunities for Rhodes lecturers to grapple with what curriculum transformation means in our context. Curriculum Conversation 1 took place on Monday 11 May 2015 from 17h00 to 18h30.

An Introduction to Writing for Publication in Higher Education Studies

Date Released : 11/05/2015

Last week approximately 33 people - mostly lecturers from Rhodes and some from Venda University and Mangusutho University of Technology as well as Rhodes postgraduate students - attended a workshop on writing for publication in higher education studies offered by Dr Sherran Clarence.

The First steps toward Curriculum Transformation in higher learning

Date Released : 20/04/2015

In the face of a countrywide need for transformation in academic institutions in South Africa, the Rhodes University Department of Equity and Institutional Culture along with various concerned students and academics set up a two day conference aimed at exploring the relationship between the higher education curriculum and the geographical and psycho-social place in which it is developed...

CHERTL to research institutional differentiation in South African Higher Education sector

Date Released : 24/03/2014

The National Research Foundation has awarded a grant to the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) at Rhodes University to undertake research into the differentiated nature of 23 public universities in South Africa and the effects of such differentiation on teaching and learning.

Rhodes University Teaching and Learning Showcase

Date Released : 11/11/2014

Research and innovation around teaching and learning was the theme for the Teaching and Learning Showcase on 4 November 2014. Hosted by the Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning, the full-day campus-wide Showcase drew over 60 participants from a range of faculties at Rhodes University.

National Teaching Excellence Award: Prof Sunitha Srinivas

Date Released : 06/10/2014

Professor Sunitha Srinivas of the Faculty of Pharmacy has just been announced as a winner of one of the 2014 National Teaching Excellence Awards.

Debating multilingualism at higher education institutions

Date Released : 21/05/2013

Debating the extent to which South African higher educational institutions have and ought to adopt multilingualism into their curricula...

Seminar: 'Principles to guide tutor/demonstrator development throughout the academic year’

Date Released : 18/02/2014

The Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) will be hosting an informal seminar discussion with those responsible for and/ or interested in tutor/demonstrator development on Wednesday the 19th February from 12:30 to 2:00 at CHERTL’s downstairs seminar room (401).

Rhodes lecturers debate academic freedom

Date Released : 23/05/2013

In a public debate on Tuesday this week, a panel of academics discussed the proposed new Academic Freedom Declaration for Rhodes University.

“What is academic freedom?”

Date Released : 20/05/2013

Rhodes University will hold an open debate on the academic freedom question on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 in the Arts Major lecture theatre at 17:30.

Three universities pilot doctoral supervision course

Date Released : 06/05/2013

An innovative course that aims to produce a new generation of doctoral supervisors kicked off this year at three South African universities. The plan is to roll out the free course to other universities to raise the country’s PhD output.

Rhodes to roll out a unique doctoral supervision course

Date Released : 27/03/2013

Rhodes University is leading a project to roll out a unique course on doctoral supervision to support South Africa on its quest to increase the number of PhD graduates and produce more than 100 doctoral graduates per 1 million population by 2030.

Rhodes creates a conducive learning environment for postgraduates

Date Released : 18/02/2013

Rhodes University’s Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning will run a series of seminars for the entire first semester [every Wednesday at 17h00, starting on the 20th February], as part of the Postgraduate Orientation Programme.

Support for teacher development

Date Released : 16/01/2013

GreenMatter, a public-private initiative championing the development of quality Biodiversity skills, and Rhodes University, today announced a three-year partnership to improve the relevance and quality of environmental learning in schools.