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Fighting against invader cacti together

Alien, invasive cacti have become a serious threat in many parts of Namibia and the Botanical Society of Namibia is seriously concerned about what damage these species that are so easily dispersed by birds and animals, can inflict on the environment.

Mgqatsa, turning her childhood into a career

The Department of Zoology and Entomology this year welcomed its first black female lecturer, Dr Nokubonga Mgqatsa.

ESSA/ZSSA Congress 2017

More than 30 staff and students attend the ESSA/ZSSA Congress and the Annual Research Symposium on the Management of Biological Invasions in South Africa

Bugs launched to halt alien invaders

RESEARCHERS yesterday released several small Brazilian bugs into the wild, marking the start of a campaign to halt the spread of an alien invasive plant infesting large areas of South Africa's north-east coast.

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