JSE Investment Challenge 2019

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Bongani Mtsweni
Bongani Mtsweni

The Department of Accounting is very excited to hear that Ntsika High School was placed first in the country for the April/May 2019 cycle for the Income Game. This is an amazing feat as the Ntsika teams competed against some of the top private schools with world class facilities. The mentor for Ntsika is Bongani Mtsweni. He is currently doing his 2nd year of BCom (Chartered Accountant) studies at Rhodes University. As Ntsika doesn’t have wifi facilities, there were times that Bongani would use his own money to buy data and create a hotspot for the Ntsika team to log on to the JSE site and experience how one trades.


Each member of the team received R500 as their monthly prize.


Source:  Department of Accounting