Daniel Malamis
Lecturer, Head of Classical Studies
BA (Hons), MA, PhD (Rhodes)

Daniel Malamis was born in the UK and educated there and in Zimbabwe. He completed his
undergraduate degree at Rhodes and, after several years in the UK, Greece and South
Korea, returned to Rhodes as a lecturer in 2008. His research interests include Homeric epic,
Greek lyric poets, Greek religion and religious poetry and ancient magic, with a current
focus on the poetry of ancient mystery cults and the Orphic Hymns in particular.

Office: Room 17, School of Languages and Literatures (first floor)


Peta profile pic

Peta Ann Fox
BA (Hons), MA 

Peta Fox completed both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Rhodes, and first
began lecturing at the University in 2018. With a joint Honours in Classics and English
Literature, her teaching and research focuses on Greek and Roman literature, with a
particular focus on Greek epic and tragedy. She is currently completing her PhD on
Sophocles’ Antigone. She also has a strong background in academic literacy, and a keen
interest in the modern reception of canonical texts, philological studies, and the conflicting
position of women in both the ancient and modern world.

Office: Room 18, School of Languages and Literatures (first floor)


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