Classical Studies


Classical Studies

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Classical Studies is the name given to three separate but interrelated subjects: Classics, Ancient Greek and Latin.

CLASSICS involves a holistic study of the literature, history, art, thought and daily life of the people who lived in the ancient world (especially Greece and Rome). In many ways that world has profoundly influenced today's world, and there is a sense in which a study of the past helps to bring one's understanding of the present into sharper focus. A knowledge of the original languages is not required. The subject matter is explored through English translations of the original texts, a variety of audio-visual material and some actual artefacts.

The classical world can also be experienced through the study of Ancient Greek and Latin. Knowledge of one or both of these ancient languages will put one more directly in touch with the minds of the original writers. This applies not only to ancient "classical" literature, but also to the New Testament, which was first written in Greek.

The first year Latin course (Latin 101) may be of particular interest to those who have difficulties with English, both mother-tongue and non mother-tongue users. In this course the structures of a language which is closely related to English, and which has furnished more than half the vocabulary of the English language, are studied. Those who take it are likely to find that their competence in English improves dramatically.