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Littered streets, day zero looming, potholes, dilapidated buildings. A familiar and upsetting reality of our city that can and should change.

There are many organisations across our city already working to make Makhanda marvellous. Vuka! Makana aims to connect these organisations and create a structure for citizens to collectively take action. As students, learners and locals we all need to rise up and take action.


How does it work?

Log the hours you’ve contributed to a particular Sustainable Development Goal on the Vuka! Makana platform - https://goo.gl/forms/Y0J08GreDbWSBGHI3

The goals have been focussed to address the crises we face in Makhanda.

A list of the goals can be found here:

As certain milestones are met we’ll celebrate the successes.

As a city we hope to reach 365 hours in 2019.

We encourage organisations to aim for 52 hours.

Individuals can aim for 12 hours.


Who can get involved?

We encourage all citizens to rise up and take action! Anybody can log their hours as an individual or organisation/group. The number of hours that can be logged is limitless.


How can you rise up and take action?

Find something problematic in your street or work place that is contributing to the crisis.

This could be cleaning a littered street, helping install rain water tanks where people wouldn’t ordinarily have access to that resource, painting a classroom or volunteering weekly with an organisation.  

…then fix it! Find some people to help you tackle the issue.

We suggest looking on the Vuka! Makana platform to see what the goals are. This should inspire your solutions.


For more information:

Nosi Nkwinti - n.nkwinti@ru.ac.za or 046 603 7482



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