Research Trip to South Africa July-September 2022

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The Karoo
The Karoo

Sanja Nivesjö and Jade Munslow Ong discuss their recent research trip to South Africa. 

On the first leg of the trip, we were joined in Cape Town by colleagues Maire Tracey, Simon Stanton-Sharma and Matthew Whittle (Kent), where we made the film, All That Is Buried. The film explores South African creativity today and you can read our blogpost about it here.

The film will be screened as part of the Being Human Festival 2022 (17:30-19:00 Friday 11th November) and you can book free tickets here. Makhanda 23rd July-13th August: Amazwi South African Museum of National Literature

Bidding farewell to Maire and Simon, we then travelled with Matt to Makhanda (Grahamstown) to conduct research in the archives held at Amazwi South African Museum of Literature. Amazwi is hosted in a beautiful building that pays homage to some of South Africa’s most influential writers.