The department is comparatively small which fosters close relationships among students as well as between students and lecturers/tutors. This is undoubtedly the best part of studying English literature at Rhodes. The Department also has a comprehensive curriculum which gives students the chance to discover where their literary interests lie. I love the freedom students have to pursue their interests rather than being boxed into a set curriculum.

Kate Jennings, MA candidate (2021)


Perhaps the most important aspect of my experience in the Department was the feeling of being seen. As a scholar of colour exposed to works as varied as the contemporary South African text, Thirteen Cents and Emily Bronte’s classic, Wuthering Heights, I did not feel alienated by the coursework. I have learnt an immense amount about myself and the world in the diverse literary landscape provided in the Department.

Ntokozo Wandile Mbokazi, former student (Honours 2020)


My academic writing improved in leaps and bounds through the attentiveness and advice of my supervisor. I was able to form personal relationships with my lecturers, and they inspired me to persevere and work hard.

Kayleigh Perumal, MA graduate (2021)


The Department’s lecturers, most of whom are renowned scholars in different areas of expertise, are characterized by their approachability, professionalism, and guidance.

Innocent Akili Ngulube, (PhD candidate 2017-2019)


I have been able to explore a wide of range of interests and immerse myself in various genres of literature, researching everything from African science fiction to American psychedelic literature. The environment is calm and supportive and, with a small student body, there is ample opportunity for direct contact with tutors and lecturers. Although the workload can be intense and expectations are high, there are always readily available academic resources to ensure that the best quality writing can be produced.

 Smangaliso Simelane, PhD candidate (2021)


Despite the challenges of 2020, it was a privilege to continue to learn and grow in an academically challenging and rewarding cyber environment provided by the Department. This was made possible by lecturers who genuinely care about their individual students. The broad range of modules, texts, genres, and time periods covered throughout the year made for an exciting and engaging programme of study, with opportunity for independent reading, writing and research.

Laura Miller, former student (Honours 2020)


In my undergraduate years I was drawn to the Department’s diverse and flexible curriculum, and in my time as a postgraduate, I have begun to further appreciate the care and guidance of the academics and support staff. Now I find myself eager to make my own contribution, by means of both research and offering the support I was once offered. 

Kyra-Aynsli Davies, MA candidate (2021)

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