Entrepreneur of the Year nominee 2013: Lisa Copley

Lisa Copley has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in the South African Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2013. Read her profile and vote for her here.

Name: Lisa Copley
High School: Redhill
Tertiary Education: Rhodes University
Qualifications: BCOM and LLB
Lives In: London
Company: Skin+Care Limited

Title: Director

Duration of time within your company: 1 YearProfessional Membership held: Roll of Solicitors in England and Wales

Previous positions held: Solicitor at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and currently holding a position as Solicitor at Goldman Sachs

Directorship / Leadership positions: I am a director of Skin+Care, outside of this I have held leadership positions such as Rowing captain etc.

Recent Awards: None within Skin+Care, personally I have won a number.

Favourite Business Quote: “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs” Tony Gaskins

Mentor: All entrepreneurs and small business owners that I have met, am in awe of and continue to learn from.

What are your main achievements in the category you are being nominated for?

I left my career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and opened Skin+Care,a retail shop in Wimbledon Village,to address the lack of knowledge surrounding toxins in beauty products and how they can badly affect your health. So I offer an edited selection of the world’s best natural and organic beauty products, all tried and tested.

We offer a wealth of knowledge, quality advice and a great customer experience. We stock a South African baby range and have met a few South African producers to see if we can stock their products – for me this is quite a personal achievement in bringing the South African producers onto an international platform.

Every day is a success when customers return with stories of how skin conditions have healed, how they have noticed such a difference in their skin and how they are reconnecting and asking more questions in their daily lives.

What makes you most proud about your business?

Helping the many people who are going through radiation and chemotherapy, who need to use non-toxic products on their skin as their skin has become very sensitive. When they leave my shop knowing that they finally have found the right products to assist in their recovery and learnt how to look after their skin, I couldn’t be more happier.

Community Involvement: 

We host regular talks at the shop, presented by our therapists and addressing issues such as ‘Nutrition for busy people’, ‘Using alternative health therapies’, ‘Joining the juicing craze’. Our aim is to rekindle the importance of gaining knowledge for yourself and your family to care for and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

The cost of the tickets all goes to a local charity of the therapist’s choice. We have also hosted successful charity days for the Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary and Breast Cancer Awareness. We have a collection drum in the shop for the Wimbledon Village community to drop off their ‘toxic’ products and receive 20% new products – this has become a huge talking piece.

Source:  TheSouthAfrican.com on 16 October, 2013 5:41 pm