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Rhodes Business School student contributes to the country’s 2030 vision of job creation

Rhodes Business School student, Ludwe Gcingca, uses old tyres to create jobs and fight against climate change.

The scholarship of leadership

As is the tradition, Rhodes University presented the inaugural lecture of Professor Noel Pearse titled, The Scholarship of Leadership: An illustration of the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning and Community Engagement.

Inspiring entrepreneurial flair

Entrepreneur, global motivational speaker, philanthropist and travel guru, Ms Johanna Mukoki recently inspired budding entrepreneurs to be agents of change when achieving their goals, as part of Rhodes University’s Student Entrepreneurship Week.

The Horsemen of Corporate Collapse

A pattern of moral disengagement and displacement of responsibility paves the way for the horsemen of corporate collapse: unethical decisions, no accountability, recklessness, hubris and greed.

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15 Year Publication