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Admission to BSc Honours in Geology

Students with a 3 year BSc degree from Rhodes, or an equivalent degree from another institution with comparable standards like Rhodes, may apply for admission to the one-year Honours Program. At Rhodes, as at most South African universities, an average performance of 60-65% in your undergraduate geology courses is used as a general guideline for eligibility for Honours. Successful and relevant vacation work in the minerals industry may count in your favour during selection. Applications must be made via the Admission Gateway, and should be made before the 31 October. Although it may not be officially required, a curriculum vitae would be a useful addition to your application, especially if you are not applying directly from your BSc year. Note that the Department caps the number of Honours acceptances at 12 students per year, limited by logistical considerations such as microscope access, project supervision, etc. Final decisions regarding acceptance will be made normally in November/December. 

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