New Temporary Staff who are Internationals (non-SA citizens)


The visiting lecturer is required to apply for a temporary residence permit with permission to take up employment with the University.   Temporary residence permits can be obtained under general work permits, exceptional skilled work permits or quota work permits.

These permits can be applied for at either the South African Embassy or High Commission or South African Consulate PRIOR to entry to the Republic. Processing time is normally four weeks but this depends on the individual Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

If the visiting lecturer is already residing in the Republic, an application for change of conditions and/or status of the current valid temporary residence permit must be lodged at the Department of Home Affairs. Please note that such a visitor must be residing on a valid temporary residence permit. As these applications are forwarded to the Department’s head office, the processing time can take up to two months or longer.

More information is contained in the following document: International Lecturers for periods of 6 months or longer


Whether exempt from a temporary residence permit or not, no person is permitted to enter the Republic TO TAKE UP ANY FORM OF EMPLOYMENT without the appropriate permit issued by the Director-General. This includes persons who will be commencing employment for a short period, whether remunerated or not.

International visitors entering the Republic on visa exemptions are normally issued 30 to 90 day temporary residence permits. The visa exemption is for the sole purpose of holiday in the Republic. This indicates that the International Visitor  does not have permission to take up employment in RSA. A person who wishes to be employed for a short period in the Republic is required to lodge an application to take up employment for a short period [Section 11(2) of the Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004] at a South African Embassy or High Commission or Consulate PRIOR to entry into the Republic.

More information is contained in the documents below:
Those who are visa exempt for 30 or 90 days being employed for periods of less than 6 months
Those from non-visa exempt countries being employed for periods of less than 6 months

A list of visa exempt countries can be found below:
List of visa exempt countries

Documentation for acquiring a visa: Application for a visa

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