Employment Equity Reports

The transformation of our workplace to reflect the countries Economically Active Population (EAP) demographics is amongst the main rationale behind the Employment Equity Act (EEA). Every employer that employs more than 150 employees must report on its progress in terms of reaching its Employment Equity Plan. Rhodes University is a designated employer therefore it has to report on its progress to the Director General (Department of Labour) annually. The Department of Labour’s (DoL) year starts on the 01 September each year ends on the 31st August.  

The Human Resources Director in conjunction with the Deans, Directors, Selection Panels and the Human Resources officials continuously monitor the implementation of the Employment Equity Plan. Each year (October or January) the Human Resources Director submits the report to the DoL as per section 21 of the EEA.

The report serves as an official document from Rhodes University meaning it should be signed by the Vice Chancellor as a true reflection of where the University is in terms of realising our numerical targets. Once the document has been signed and submitted to the Department of Labour it becomes a public domain.

Employment Equity Report 2006
Employment Equity Report 2007

Employment Equity Report 2008

Employment Equity Report 2009

Employment Equity Report 2010

Employment Equity Report 2011
Employment Equity Report 2012 

Employment Equity Report 2013

Employment Equity Report 2014


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