Protocol for the payment of transport allowance


Patrick Katiya: Head Guard

Various allowances are paid to specific categories of support staff.

The allowances are:

  1. Standby allowances: Paid to staff required to be on stand-by for emergency services: Artisans, CPU staff, Counsellors in the Counselling Centre, Supervisors in Sports Admin. In addition, such allowances are paid to staff on standby during the annual shut-down period
  2. Travel allowances Protocol for the payment of transport allowance
  3. Food allowance: Paid to food services staff who work 45 hours per week as compared to other staff who work less hours. The food allowance is paid in January and December each year given that these staff are on leave for much of this period. During the other months, the allowance is paid in kind.

The Allowances and payment document provides an overview of these allowances and the basis for them: Allowances and Payments from 1 July 2017

In addition, the following are also paid:

  1. Responsibility allowances: Paid for additional responsibilities at a higher grade for at least a month - this is usually on an ad hoc basis e.g. linked to someone resigning or being ill. The protocol governing this document is:Guidelines for the payment of responsibility allowances
    Managers/HoDs are asked to complete the following document: Application for an allowance for additional work assumed
    Where staff assume additional duties that require them to work outside of work hours at the same or lower grade, over-time at that grade of work is paid.
  2. Scarce Skills allowances: Paid to staff in scarce skills areas. The protocol governing these allowances is: Scarcity Allowances Protocol for Support Staff

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