Enterprise Support

I&TS is represented in the Committee structure of the University at the highest levels. This supports the University commitment to ICT as being important to the academic project. ICT is centralised and with a few exceptions there are no decentralised ICT units on campus.

The Information and Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) guides all players in the ICT arena including the Information and Technology Division, Library, Web Unit and certain academic departments closely involved with ICT and the use of ICT. ITSC is a sub-committee of Senate. The Director I&TS serves as a full member as well as on the ITSC Exec and on the following committees in attendance: Council, Senate, Finance and General Purposes (F&GP), Institutional Planning Committee and its two sub committees, Library Committee. The Director is also a full member of the Major Projects Committee where all new builds are discussed and approved. An ICT budget forms part of all new builds.

I&TS Division supports the University with its core business activities by being a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, a sub-committee of Senate.

The Director takes part in the open Budget sessions every year.

Legacy systems to support the Institutional Administration and Finances as well as Student Systems are supported and integrated to each other from within I&TS. New technologies and modernisation are embraced but limited by budget constraints in many instances. Departments are dissuaded from developing and purchasing systems that are not centrally supported.

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