Change staff password

This page changes staff, guest & visitor passwords. Students should use ROSS to change their passwords.

  • This will change your e-mail, Novell, Google Workplace and Microsoft 365 passwords. You will need to update your email client, phone, etc to login with the new password you've chosen.
  • University staff who've forgotten their password may be able to get a one-time password via SMS to use in place of the "Old password".
  • Guests or visitors who've forgotten their password will need to visit our Helpdesk on the middle floor of Struben building. You'll need to bring a photo ID with you.
  • Please choose a strong password and don't reveal it to anyone else. Please see the password guidelines for suggestions.
  • Certain systems have separate passwords that need to be changed separately:

Last Modified: Wed, 10 Feb 2021 11:10:11 SAST