Where are the labs?


Scattered across campus there are a number of student labs. Some of these labs are booked for lectures and practicals during the day and are not accessible for use by students for general use during these times. A single centrally located lab remains open 24/7 (Jacaranda Lab or alternatively Union lab) whilst others, for security reasons are not accessible all night. Access to the labs is controlled by a student access card.  Lab usage stats suggest that there are sufficient labs to meet the demand.

In addition, the Library has computers that can be used by students. In particular there are computers for the use of research in the Postgrad Commons.

Some labs are switched to generator power in the event of electricity outages. (Fountain, Guthrie and Eden Grove)

Students are assisted with the use of the network via the Student Help Desk situated in the Library. Opening times shadow the Library times except for during swot week, exam periods and vacs where availability of the student assistants limits the times that the desk is available. An email service for service exists during the day for any times when there is no one at the desk. 


Support for the network over weekends is handled in accordance with the SLA between I&TS Division and the University. Faults are reported to CPU who in turn contact the standby Network Technician who in turn escalate to the Network Architect if the fault is outside of his/her domain. The University cannot offer 24/7 support and this can result in some down time over weekends and public holidays.

The University has a limited budget and puts the academic project first. Student labs receive new computers on a cyclical basis. A schedule exists to replace the computers in labs every 3 years.


A quota system manages bandwidth use. Students who overshoot their quota are restricted in their internet connectivity for a short while unless there is sufficient evidence that the download was for research purposes. Increased internet bandwidth over time has reduced the occurrence of such inconveniences.

The University does not provide students with their own devices but will assist students to purchase devices under certain conditions.  One of the ways to purchase devices is via the Student PC Purchasing scheme. 


Loan PC’s are available for students in need but these are never state of the art or laptops and it is recommended that students have access to their own devices.